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Candor Canada do apparel sourcing from Bangladesh cheapest price of the world.

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Candor Canada

  1. 1. Soft line Sourcing Agent
  2. 2.  Candor Sourcing Inc. is a Soft line/Apparel sourcing Company based in North America with an Office in Toronto, Canada. Key highlights of the Company: • Founded in 2010 in Toronto, Canada as an Apparel Sourcing Company • The Company is founded by a group of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of the Textile field. • These professionals are experienced in dealing over 20 million units across a wide array of garment types and styles (please see page 3)
  3. 3. T-shirts • Single Jersey, Interlock, Lycra Jersey Polo shirts • Pique, Lacoste, Engineering stripes • Sweat (100%cotton and blends), 100% Fleece polyester, polar or micro w/antipilling • Denim, Casual, Cargo and Workwear inTrousers / Shorts 100% cotton and 65/35 polyester/cotton • Dress Shirt, Non-Iron (Fully Taped) Wrinkle Shirts Free, Casual Shirt Sweaters • 3gg to 12gg in Various Blends Other • Socks, Towels, Shoe etc.
  4. 4. Sector’s Capabilities Corporate Promotional Uniforms Sector …a broad range of customers has given us a Sportswear good understanding of Active Wear Companies how different garment sectors operate, which Formula 1 Large we have utilized to Agents Wholesalers understand and serve our Brand High Street customers more Retailers Retailers effectively….
  5. 5. N.B This is a selection of customers
  6. 6. Condor operates a zero tolerance policy on compliance issues and has an in-housecompliance department. The key functions of the compliance department are asfollows: •Initial assessment of factories with regards compliance standards •Assisting factories to reach compliance standards and updating factories on new compliance measures that are introduced •Condor compliance team is familiar with WRAP and BSCI •Random inspection of factories where sampling or production are occurring – checks on the following are included: • no child labour is included • factory workers are paid on time • satisfactory number of fire exits • needle register is present and operational • adequate medical facilities are available on-site • machine maintenance record
  7. 7.  Candor Sourcing apparel sourcing specialist with office in Toronto, Canada. Candor caters to a diverse customer base, both in terms of garment requirements and geographic location. Candor provides a range of product types and styles with a strong focus on knit and woven items including t-shirts, polo shirts, fleece, shirts, trousers/pants and sweaters. Candor’s sourcing base is primarily concentrated in Bangladesh, one of the largest and fastest growing garment exporting regions in the world. Candor’s long tenure in the Bangladesh garment market has enabled it to establish strong relationships with the vast majority of leading factories in Bangladesh and other low-cost suppliers in Asia.
  8. 8.  Candor has it’s own strong production base in Bangladesh in both knit and woven. Candor has also strong connection with partners to ensure Product developments, target production lead time and quality level. Candor has wide range of factory base in Bangladesh to source various products beyond our own production base. Own Product range: Item: Shirt, Blouses, etc. • Manufacturing Unit: BHIS apparels ltd. And Best shirt ltd. • Specialized in wrinkle free shirts and blouses. this two production unit has 31 production lines, • monthly production capacity 650000 pcs. (Approx.) Item: Fine knit T-shirt, Polo shirt, Boxers, Vest etc. • Manufacturing units are:  a) Oeko-Tex Ltd. - Knit fabric production 3200 kg/day, garments production 18000 pcs/day. b ) Advanced Composite Textile limited with the production capacity T-shirt 18500 pcs. , Polo shirt 5000 pcs. /day
  9. 9.  In addition to our manufacturing and production, Candor has production and QA control office in Dhaka called Signet Enterprises Ltd. who provides: a) Day to day communications. b) Weekly production and QA report. C) Monitor any orders right from Order placement to Shipment. In case of manufacturing in our units, Signet act as our eyes and ears to get production and QA reports. Also conduct AQL for each shipment from Bangladesh.
  10. 10.  MOHAMMED HANIF Hanif started his career early 90’s. He worked in a multi national for 7 years in the area of Apparel Sourcing field. Then he started his own business of Apparel manufacturing and running this for last 11 years. His manufacturing facility produces Shirts & Blouses with a large capacity. Hanif is now a permanent resident in Canada. DELWAR HOSSAIN Delwar started his career in the year 1993 and involved in Apparel Sourcing and managing it’s operation since then. Delwar is a permanent resident in Canada since 2007. Delwar completed his masters in management from a European university and bachelor from University of Dhaka. SHEHAB HAIDER Haider graduated in Textile engineering and Technology from Bangladesh Textile University, he worked in garments buying office and different textile sector , he is specialized in fabric quality, dyeing, knitting, washing . Haider is a Canadian citizen
  11. 11.  Labour prices in Bangladesh are comparatively lower than virtually all other Indian sub-continent regions, making garment sourcing from Bangladesh far more cost effective for garment purchasers. Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing garment exporting nations in the world due to its high concentration of knit and woven factories combined with a high supply of comparatively cheap skilled labor. Bangladesh’s factories are equipped to produce a wide range of garments and styles. Investment in the development of new factories and upgrading of older factories are accelerating at an unparalleled pace, indicating the significant potential and attractiveness of this market.
  12. 12.  Candor’s Address 801 York Mills Rd., Suite 300 Toronto, ON M3B 1X7, Canada Tel: 416-637-3492, Fax: 416-386-0777 Mohammad Hanif e-mail: Cell: +1 647 967 6891 Delwar Hossain e-mail: Cell: +1 647 985 7715  6891 Shehab Haider e-mail: Cell: +1 416 918 3627  6891  6891