Summer School 2013 farewell presentation


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Sheffield Hallam University Summer School 2013 Farewell presentation to celebrate to achievements and awards presented at the Farewell event on Thursday 5 September.

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Summer School 2013 farewell presentation

  1. 1. SUMMER SCHOOL FAREWELL EVENT Andrew Bromley International Student Support
  2. 2. James Richardson Director Department of International Development
  3. 3. Presentation of the Hallam SpecialAchievement Scholarships • Chen Chai Theng • Leong Wai Yee • Tan Wei Long
  4. 4. Nicola Cromwell Sheffield HallamActive
  5. 5. 6-a-side Football League 1
  6. 6. Badminton League 1
  7. 7. 6-a-side Football League 2
  8. 8. 6-a-side Football League 3
  9. 9. 6-a-side Football League Block 2 Overall Winner
  10. 10. Badminton League 2
  11. 11. Table Tennis Singles
  12. 12. Memories of Summer 2013
  13. 13. The Trips
  14. 14. Friendly Lecturers Less formal than those from home... ...and more handsome
  15. 15. Malaysian Food comes to Sheffield! Having fun with friends and cooking...
  16. 16. The Parties
  17. 17. Sunny and Green Sheffield What a wonderful place to be...
  18. 18. Friendly Local People Making us feel welcome
  19. 19. A brief overview of some of the benefits available to all our graduates • Careers support - careers hub, free careers advice and resources, mentoring, career fairs/events • Business Services - University's expertise, consultancy and business support • Alumni E-Connect and communications • Events and Reunions - information and help with organising reunions • University facilities and discounts - access learning centres, the Students' Union, Sport Hallam, Print Services, conference services, Training Foundry • Alumni Connected - online community and networks What do we offer?
  20. 20. Prize Draw
  21. 21. Photo Competition
  22. 22. Photo Competition Third Prize Lee Kah Fu, Business with Management
  23. 23. Decision to Study abroad at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, United Kingdom is one of the best decisions we've ever made. The days in Sheffield is our most precious and valuable memories in our life. We've grown in a lot of ways during these 3 months. The trip to Derwent Edge, with breathtaking and impressive views is one of the most unforgettable memories. Thanks to SHU and TARC for giving us an opportunity to study abroad, and of course our friends and family! LOVE SHEFFIELD :) *PEM stands for photo, memories, experience
  24. 24. Photo Competition Second Prize Har Tuck Chien, Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  25. 25. Photo Competition First Prize Lieu Hui Mln, Accounting and Finance
  26. 26. "It surely was a blessing to be here in Sheffield for my further studies! Thank God for that! Lovely weather with clear and bluish sky was the first indicator caused me started to fall in love with Sheffield. Dedicated and friendly lecturers and staffs were then boosted enjoyment in my study life too. The course is useful for my future working life in practical despite of the teaching style was different. Study hard, play hard too! Trips had always helped me to refresh mind and build stronger relationship with friends. I will never forget Sheffield and I love it!"
  27. 27. Thank you and Good Luck!