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Badshahi masjid


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Published in: Spiritual
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Badshahi masjid

  1. 1.  It is situated in Lahore, Pakistan
  2. 2. It was built in Mughal Era, under the supervision of Mughal EmperorAurangzeb .He is more popularlyknown as Aurangzeb, or by his chosen grand title Alamgir("Conqueror of the World"), he was the sixth Mughal Emperor, whose control lasted for 49 years.
  3. 3. Masjid was completed under thesupervision of Aurangzeb’s fosterbrother Muzaffar Hussain, who wasthe governor of Lahore. It started inMay 1671 which took 2 years andfinally it was completed April 1673 .
  4. 4. ArchitectureThe architecture of the mosqueis a mixture of many differentcultures.The structure was covered withRedstone and the four domeswere covered by white marble.The interior wall and roof waselegantly decorated withIslamic Calligraphy.
  5. 5. Importance GloballyBadshahi Masjid or Royal Mosque is the second largest mosque in PakistanIt was considered the largest mosque for about 313 years till the construction of Faisal Mosque, IslamabadIt is the fifth largest mosque in the worldIt is capable of accommodating 5,000worshippers in its main prayer halland further 95,000 in its courtyard
  6. 6. It looks very fascinating in evening time