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The CEO of Autostop, the most important chain of catering facilities on the highways of the Republic of Dalekii Krai, has hired you as a government relations & lobbying consultant. The Republic of Dalekii Krai recently joined the European Union.
The CEO, Mr. Fattoria, has been informed by the Legal Affairs Department that a new EU draft directive, aimed at banning the sales of all alcoholic drinks in highway catering facilities during the night, has been proposed for adoption by the European Commission in order to reduce accidents, and is likely to be discussed by the European Parliament in six to twelve months from now in the framework of the European Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020. These policy developments are closely followed by international public health agencies and NGOs alike, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims (FEVR).
As an average over the last three years, the share deriving from night alcohol sales accounted for approximately 2,5% of the whole Autostop turnover and 4% of its income.
You have a meeting with Mr. Fattoria on Monday, February 15th, 2016. For this meeting you are expected to prepare a Powerpoint presentation (no more than 12 slides) in order to outline further steps, including:
1) a background analysis of the scenario Autostop is most likely to face, also based on a comprehensive mapping of relevant stakeholders and an assessment of “social weather conditions”;
2) your suggestions for the activities Autostop should undertake, including
a. the alternative objectives Autostop can pursue vis-à-vis the new regulation, and the objective Autostop should realistically pursue in your opinion;
b. the strategy you propose to implement to achieve this objective, including the way you plan to frame the debate, the stakeholders involved and the stakeholders you want to involve;
c. the key issues you would like to address and the key messages you plan to use;
d. the possible synergies with the activities of the Corporate Social Responsibility Unit of Autostop;
e. the framework you envisage to measure the effectiveness of your efforts;
3) a press release (sample article) to be supplied to newspapers, magazines and other media sympathetic to the cause of Autostop.

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  1. 1. Autostop: Communication Strategy Shabnam Hajiyeva
  2. 2. Project for Mr. Fattoria, CEO of the company The goal: to limit the application of the future european law in between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 00am - 06am 06am - 12pm 12pm - 18pm 18pm - 00am Monthly alcohol sales
  3. 3. Stakeholders mapping • Ad hoc commission (12 members) • Ministry of Health • NGO  D.F.R.T.V. • Alcohol supplier • Customers • Employees • European Commission • World Health Organization (WHO) • NGO  F.E.V.R.
  4. 4. Social Weather Conditions This is not an issue for our Country, Dalekii Krai 60% 10% 27% 3% INCIDENTS CAUSES Dristractions Mechanical problems Meteorology Problems Alcohol and Drugs
  5. 5. European Comission European Parliament Policy Cycle How a directive is decided 1 It prepares the Text of the Draft Directive, then forwards to the Council and the Parliament. WE ARE AT THIS MOMENT OF THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS Council of the EU 2 EU Parliament Codecision on final legislation; Only guidelines and objectives; in this case the banning of the selling of alcoholic drinks at night in highway catering facilities. 3 Every EU member State has to pass a TRANSPOSITION LAW to develop the objectives and pass a more detailed law that will have effects inside the state. Dalekii Krai Government Dalekii Krai Parliament 4 LAW ENTRY INTO FORCE
  6. 6. POSSIBLE STRATEGIES February 2016 February 2018 European Commission European Council and European Parliament Dalekii Krai Parliament; Adoption of the Transposition LawPLAN A PLAN B 6 months – 1 year 1 year – 1.5 year • Immiediate action (law can be passed in 6 months and the EU Commission has already sent draft). • Reunite with all the European highway catering facilities to make a lobbying group to modify the law. Difficult because we may not share the same goals. • Just entered the European Union; lack of practice in EU policy making and intervention. PLAN BPLAN A • Wait until the transposition law. • Our importance as the most important company in our sector. • Better knowledge of how national institutions work. • Enter the Commission of the Dalekii Krai Parliament to coordinate the passing of the transposition law; define «night» and «alcoholic drink». • The goals will be more personal and more according to the company’s view.
  7. 7. CSR Corporate Social Responsibility EFRTV DFRTV Objectives •Invite them to partecipate to the Annual Congress •Finance Road Safety Program •Sponsor the Annual Road Saftey Congress •Ingage relevant NGOs (National & International)
  8. 8. Framework measures Newspapers : - Dalekii Times, Dalekii daily, The Globe - Weekly and social networks - Front page or second page (Domestic Policy) - Press agencies Agenda Setting: - Radio & Tv news - Talk Shows (The Factor, The Arena) - Entrtainment programs - Press release Convention: - Meeting with the D.F.R.T.V. - Convention with the E. F.R.T.V. Advertising campaign: - Newspaper and TV (advertaisments)
  9. 9. THANKS! Any questions?