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Chat ops automation with hubot


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Implementing a simple ChatOps toolkit is one vehicle that will accelerate knowledge sharing and interaction between development and operations teams. This can even extend into simplifying business processes. This presentation provides resources that can help any team set up their own private chat platform with GitHub Hubot integration to quickly get started.

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Chat ops automation with hubot

  1. 1. arctiq-team > Hubot Why are we here? hubot > To learn how to build and use me. arctiq-team > Hubot What should we expect? hubot > demos, awful gifs, and memes //ChatOps Automation with Hubot March 9, 2017
  2. 2. Shea Stewart Partner, Arctiq Inc.
  3. 3. //what we are hearing - Is ChatOps? - a “flash in the pan” - “sizzle” - “nice to have” - “something for next year” - Arctiq believes ChatOps - provides visibility across the team = enablement
  4. 4. //our customers - Often require on-prem “peace of mind” - Cannot often use Slack or other publicly hosted platforms - Need to be in control of the platform and the data - Need to integrate with many existing on-prem software solutions (ie. CI/CD, SCM, Infrastructure platforms - Public Cloud is not the only option!
  5. 5. //the mvp build
  6. 6. DEMO //resources rocket-chat on openshift (needs work) rocket-chat hubot docker image
  7. 7. If you got that far...
  8. 8. //common use cases CI/CD status updates Task / kanban board management Social coding integration (ie. GitHub issues, PRs) Developers Operations Provisioning status Health status of systems Performance graphs System alerting Task execution and management Situational awareness, access to common tools, and cross-training
  9. 9. DEMO
  10. 10. //what’s next - Arctiq will be looking at (just some ideas): - Integrate cloudforms/manageiq for: - Provisioning - Reporting - Alerts & compliance - Integrate OpenShift - Build and project status - List objects
  11. 11. The hardest question: What will you call your bot?