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Informative speech powerpoint


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Informative speech powerpoint

  1. 1. Breast Cancer
  2. 2. “Fight Like A Girl”
  3. 3. Emotional Impact: 1.) Shocked 2.) Scared 3.) Angry 4.) Disappointed 5.) Numb 6.) Irate 7.) Crushed 8.) Brokenhearted 9.) Speechless 10.) Overwhelmed
  4. 4. The notable point about male breast cancer is that the prognosis is worse in men than in women and treatment of men with breast cancer is similar to that of the treatment given to older women. Because the male breast tissue is confined to the area directly behind the nipple, treatment for males has usually been a mastectomy.
  5. 5. Breast Self Exams: Do it Yoursel f
  6. 6. “Fight Like A Girl”