The 80 20 Rule to Weight Loss


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Hello and welcome to Richie’s Rules. I’m going to talk to you about health, diet and fitness, but first we need to get one thing straight and it's Richie's Rule Number 1 – ladies, you can’t out-train a bad diet.

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The 80 20 Rule to Weight Loss

  1. 1. THE 80:20 RULE FOR WEIGHT LOSS By: Richie Garard
  2. 2. Rule # 1 You can’t out-train a bad diet
  3. 3. Honesty is the best policy Consistent unhealthy choices in our diet with too many cake and glasses of wine on the weekend is not going to be cancelled out or negated by exercise Yes, exercise is necessary because through it, you are going to make major changes to your minds
  4. 4. Benefits of Exercise Exercise makes you Happier Sleep better Gives you more energy through the day Promotes strong bones Promotes strong muscles Help you live longer Help prevent cancer
  5. 5. What you Put in your Mouth The 80% applies to what you eat, so for most people, 80% of their current body weight is due to what they are putting in their mouths. Pretty significant, don't you reckon?
  6. 6. Exercise... often creates favourable feelings in your brain, which makes you feel more likely to want to eat healthily. Once you know that your one hour's hard exercise session will be cancelled out by two slices of pizza (say), then you can say to yourself, “Hey, I worked hard on that session, I sweated a lot and I could tell that my muscles feel the benefits so I want to keep that going with eating the foods that help and not hinder my body”.
  7. 7. Calorie Count for Exercises Based on a 63kg woman (if you weigh less than, then you need to adjust the figure down, and if you weigh more, you adjust upward): Calorie burned for every 30 minutess of exercise: High-impact training/bootcamp – 400 calories Spinning (vigorous) – 360 calories Swimming – 190 calories Surfing – 95 calories
  8. 8. At best... You can eat a slice of pizza for your half-hour's spinning class, but if you want to lose weight, you need to be using up more calories than you are taking in so exercise helps to create that calorie deficit.
  9. 9. Call to Action Challenge yourself: Make some small tweak to your diet; swap a biscuit for a piece of fruit, stop adding sugar to your coffee or add in some lean protein in the form of fish, skinless poultry, eggs or tofu. If you can keep that change up for a week, you're on the way to making it permanent.
  10. 10. About the Author Richie founded She Fitness five years ago after going through his own weight loss journey of losing 22kgs. He took control of his life and decided to quit his corporate job and help other people change their lives as a personal trainer. As one of Australia’s leading Women’s Health and Fitness experts and Personal Trainers, Richie has helped hundreds of women change their lives, lose weight and dramatically improve their fitness and lifestyle through She Fitness bootcamps and personal training. Richie is also a Health and Lifestyle blogger for Yahoo 7 and have been featured in Body & Soul, The Daily Telegraph, Nine MSN, Prevention Magazine, Smart Health Magazine, Personal Trainer Today and Lifestyle You.
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