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Citizenship and volunteering


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Citizenship and volunteering

  1. 1. Citizenship and Volunteering
  2. 2. What is Citizenship?is abouttaking an active part in society about how we live together in our
  3. 3. How to be a good citizen? Respect Helping Work others others harddoing a volunteering works giving money to charities
  4. 4. Let’s Be good citizens at school
  5. 5. What is Volunteering?Is giving of time and energy without taking money
  6. 6. benefits of volunteering
  7. 7. UAE and volunteering Volunteering foundations Takatof & Sanid & Tam Al Ttoay
  8. 8. John wesley said: .
  9. 9. Resources••••••
  10. 10. Done by : YahyaAbd Al Rahman