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Presentation1 slideshare

  1. 1. Risk Assessment Shazad Edwards
  2. 2. • When looking at what could be the main risks when filming our music video, I've broken it down so its shown clearly how we as a group will ensure we are safe whilst out filming
  3. 3. Picking up equipment: • Myself and Bernard will pick up the equipment from college and both bring it to his house, this is where the equipment will stay for the duration of time we have it for. We will make sure that the equipment doesn't leave the bag whilst we aren't filming and ensure it is in a secured placed away from any hazards.
  4. 4. Whilst filming: • As the equipment will be a Bernard's house, each day we are filming I will go to his house to pick up the equipment with him and make our way to meet the girls are the location we will be filming at. We will be taking the bus or train to these places so we got to make sure nothing happens to the equipment, keeping it on our laps and away from the floor as we don't want to risk anything happening. • The locations we have chosen are quiet busy at times. To ensure we don't have any damages to the equipment, at a I’ll times will somebody be next to the camera, tripod etc. making sure it is secure at all times because we wouldn't want anything happening to it. We will be in area where there are passing people, no dark ally-ways or dark warehouse, or in a dark park. This will ensure again that we are in safe environments whilst filming.
  5. 5. • We will only take what we need out of the bag and always remember to put it back in as this will prevent us from losing anything whilst we are out filming. After we have finished filming in every location we are in, myself or my partners will always check we have everything we need in the bag before we leave. • Taking the equipment home will be myself and Bernard again on the bus or train, following the same safety rules and regulations because we really don't want anything happening to these very very very expensive equipment.
  6. 6. Taking it back to college: • Finally, to ensure we bring the equipment back on time I will meet up with Bernard at his house and gather everything making sure again everything is in the bag before bringing it all back to college on time for the next group to use.
  7. 7. Extras • We will always check the weather forecast the day before we film our video to check that the weather is on our side, if not we will bring a umbrella with us to protect ours and the equipment from getting totally ruined by the rain. • At every location we are at, we will take a group picture and send it to the college media department twitter page to keep the teacher at ease to show them that we are safe and about to film so they'll get a good understand of where we are if they need us for anything.