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A2 Media Studies - Unit G324: Advanced Production - Evaluation Question 2


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A2 Media Studies - Unit G324: Advanced Production - Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. S A H A R A C O U S I N S Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. My Three Products  When devising my Magazine Front Cover, Poster and Horror Trailer I tried to incorporate similar themes throughout without making them all look similar.  For example the colour scheme for all consisted of black, white, grey, red and yellow.  For my trailer and film poster I used the same background image of the wall.  Also my film can be recognised by the way I have chosen to layout my film title. And furthermore I use the tagline of ‘Evil Prevails’ which features on both the Film Poster and Magazine.  I deliberately done this so that my film would get recognition by the audience as they would recognise the film title as a logo and it also works as a way of marketing my film.
  3. 3. My Horror Magazine  My horror movie magazine continued the theme of the text especially. The letter ‘O’ in the word Chosen is shown to have the devils symbol. His face surrounded by two triangles.  Along with the other edits and techniques to make her look scary it is obvious to the audience that she was the evil character, and also brings out the theme of the film through image and connotations.  In psychological horrors the devil is a popular use in relation to themes. I believe that my image follows this code and convention well.
  4. 4. My Three Products • My trailer, film poster and film magazine all represent a home feel. • My trailer shows the setting of the home, whereas my film poster uses the dirty wall effect which is often used for psychological horror films. • My film magazine doesn’t bring a homely feel. However, it does introduce the antagonist in an eerie but subtle way. Nevertheless it still carries the same the colour scheme and font that the horror movie and poster carries.
  5. 5. My Three Products  My three products also incorporate low key lighting, especially my Horror Magazine, which goes with the code and conventions of the Horror genre, which often include low key lighting and a dark tones which are part of the code and conventions of the Horror Genre.  Without this effect, for example if my products used high key lighting, my trailer wouldn’t follow the code and conventions of the Horror genre, as it may seem happier as the lighting would be brighter.  I believed using the black and white theme really expressed the dullness and scariness of the movie, showing that it is part of the Horror genre.
  6. 6. Typography  Another way I tried to establish a relation between my ancillary texts and my trailer was through typography.  The typography of my film imitates the theme and story line of my film, someone who is possessed by the devil who is branded with his mark.  The ‘O’ in the word Chosen which is the title of my film, is replaced by a symbol that would be recognised by my target audience in which symbolises the devil.  The letter ‘O’ also has an orangey red flame around it. I decided to place the orange and red colours around the other letters to help it stand out and continue the theme of the film.
  7. 7. My Three Products  I believe my trailer and two ancillary text provoke my target audience to want to go to see my film as through the trailer, film poster and magazine front cover and also through the film title, it gives connotations that something bad is going to happen. However, it doesn’t reveal the full concept of the film.  I believe that my three media products in which revolve around Psychological Horror is evident throughout both my ancillary texts and furthermore my in my trailer and will definitely encourage my target audience to go see my film at cinema and see what it is all about.