Analysing & Evaluating a Magazine


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This is my research and planning for my media coursework for our own music magazine.

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Analysing & Evaluating a Magazine

  1. 1. Analysed and Evaluated 4 Front covermagazines, 4 Contents page and 4 2 page spreads. By: Shayne Quiseo
  2. 2. The genre I have chosen for my music magazine is R&B. I have searched photos of R&B magazines in and found these. These are examples of R&B front cover magazines from VIBE. Skyline/ Selling Line – is an extra Date line shows the date when information added above the Masthead – Is the title the magazine was published. masthead about the magazine name of the magazine to attract its target audience. located at the top of the page. They are the biggest text found in a magazine, they are bold Secondary cover lines – and are usually coloured This is used to draw its in a very plain colour. target audience’s attention and to give Most of the Vibe out information to magazine mastheads show other stories that are usually placed are included in the behind the picture so magazine that they that their faces won’t might find interesting be covered. This will to read. also make the photo(s) stand out Unique selling point – which attracts its Keri Hilson’s photo is target audience to buy their main attraction the magazine. of VIBE’s magazine which they use toDirect mode of address – attract theiris where the model in the customers to buy it.picture looks directly attheir customer to grab This is called the ‘Rule oftheir attention. thirds’. As you can see, Pull quote – words taken out Keri Hilson’s picture is Main cover line – Usually says the from an interview that is between the lines which name of the person on the picture found in the magazine. mean that she is the main together with a short text about character in the magazine Scan a pin barcode, Website them to try and persuade their where they are mainly and a Barcode – These are customers in reading the focused to. included for their customers magazine. It also uses a big font on the magazine if they Route of the Eye size to make it stand out. wanted more information - about them. The Barcode is Footer – This technique is there for scanning if usually located along the purchased. bottom of the magazine with a plus ‘+’ sign to show the additional features in the magazine.
  3. 3. This is my second example of a front cover magazine with the genre of ‘R&B’. I will be evaluating and analysing the different types of techniques that they have used in this magazine on how it attracts their customer’s attention in buying this product. Skyline/Selling line – the texts has beenMasthead – This Indirect mode of address – In this separated so that it won’t be covered bymagazine is called magazine the model does not look the model. If it was covered, customers‘EBONY’ but the letter directly at the camera. They have won’t be able to see or read this because‘N’ is covered by the used this technique because it allows it’s too small unlike the masthead.model of the magazine. it to show a worried expression as ifThey have left out the he was in trouble.other letters of the The style of theirmasthead so that masthead has a redaudience are able to background to it to makeread it. Another reason it stand out to itsis that it is covered customers. The colour redbecause this magazine is also shows danger toalready popular that emphasise the shockingcustomers already know stories in their magazine.what it says.Kicker- the title of thestory Secondary cover lines – Other features that are Explanatory text – included in the explains what the magazine. story is about to attract customers to Rule of thirds – These read more about it. two lines separates the magazine into threeMain cover line – ‘What sections. In betweendoes BLACK SOUND LIKE?’ these two lines onethe font size & colour of section shows thethis is very different image of the covercompared to the other model, this means thattexts on the page. This the magazine is mainlyallows it to pop out and focused about thisshows its importance in person (s).the magazine. Route of the eye Footer – Shows additional Barcode – for features in the magazine. scanning if purchased. Unique Selling Point – The USP of this issue is ‘Chris Brown’ who is the cover model of this magazine which helps attract their customers in purchasing it.
  4. 4. This is an example of a ‘Direct mode Here is my third example of an R&B magazine which I will be evaluating and analysing. of address’ where the cover model Unique Selling Point – The USP of this magazine is ‘T.I.’ who is the looks directly at cover model of the magazine. Customers who are likely to the camera/ its purchase this issue may be the fans of T.I. who would be Masthead – The name target audience. interested in reading through this magazine. of this magazine is called ‘COMPLEX’. Its Tagline – This is used letters are shown very as a slogan of the clearly in this brand. This allows the magazine which is very brand to be easy to read but only a memorable to its little bit of it is covered customers. behind the cover model. Secondary cover lines – other features included in Main cover line – the magazine that The font size is may attract lots of bigger than the customers in buying others and its it. – They have also colours are also added the page very different numbers next to it which shows its so that it is easier for importance. the consumers to find it.Footer – We know this isthe footer of the Route of the Eye –magazine because it has the route of the eyethe plus sign on it which starts from theshows the additional masthead down tofeatures in the T.I.’s face, the apronmagazine, but instead of and finally to theputting it on the bottom knives.they have placed it onthe left side of the Date – ‘Novembermagazine. 2007’ is when this issue was published. Flash/ Button – This may be hard for Rule of thirds – between these two lines the customers to notice that it is a we can see the cover model’s picture. Flash/ Button because of its different As he is placed on the middle of the style. Another reason is that it is page, this means that his story is mainly placed on the bottom rather than focused in this magazine’s issue. being placed on the top corner of the magazine.
  5. 5. Finally my last example of a content page from the Billboard magazine that I have evaluated and analysed. Skyline – This is a short text added on top of the masthead. In this Masthead – this Direct mode of address – In this picture the magazine it says magazine is called model is giving a direct mode of address ‘Women’s Music’ to ‘Billboard’ but some where they looks straight at their audience. inform them the genre letters are missing of this magazine and because it is covered who it is targeted to. by the model. Some words are left so that the customers will know it when reading. Unique selling point – In this magazine, it would beSecondary cover lines Beyonce who is the model– these are the of this magazine to grabnumber of stories that their target audience’sare included in the attention.magazine which mayalso attract theirtarget audiences to Button/ Flash – This isread and purchase used in magazines tothis magazine. advertise what’s inside the magazine. In this button itMain cover line – the says ‘The Beatles’ which ismain cover line of this a boy band. This makesmagazine would be this their target audienceone because it stands wonder why they areout the most because included in a women’sof its different font music magazine and mightcolour, style and size find it interesting to read(except the masthead). through. This would be called the ‘Footer’ of The ‘Rule of thirds’ are Route of the Eye the magazine because it is placed the blue lines that right on the bottom of the page and it placed on the middle of says ‘PLUS’ where it says more the magazine. Between information that is included in the the two lines is the magazine that there target audience picture of ‘Beyonce’s’ might find interesting to read . face which means that she is the main story of this magazine.
  6. 6. Here are 4 examples of different magazine contents page where I pointed out the differenttechniques they have used. This is a random contents page of some magazine that I havefound to research. Some magazines use the title ‘Contents’ for their contents page but others use their magazines masthead as their title. Secondary Images – these are different pictures of bands and other music celebrities added into the contents page to show other features included in the magazine. It also helps the page look busy and interesting for the readers. Other audiences such as teens may find it much more interesting to look at pictures rather than reading. In this contents page, they have shown the ‘features’ of the magazine with its titles in a bold text but it doesn’t have the page numbers with it where it would be confusing for its customers to find. They have separated the different types of articles that are also part of the magazine by putting them all together into different categories. Some magazines takes the picture of the front cover of their magazine to their contents page and talks about who and what was in the photo including its photographer, editor & make-up artists etc.
  7. 7. This is a contents page of the VIBE magazine that I found on It has a completely different layout from the other contents page that I was previously evaluating and analysing. The main image on the We know that this is a contents page because of the big font contents page – this tells located on the top right side of us that this person (Kanye the page saying ‘CONTENTS’. West) is very important The letters from this are where the magazine mainly separated which I have noticed focuses on. on most of the VIBE magazine’s contents pages. Images on the contents page are These are the usually related to ‘Features’ which are the picture that is included in the shown on the front magazine together cover magazine. with its titles and page numbers so that it is easier for their customers to search through theThey have also added other pages.articles that are involved inthe magazine that othercustomers may find Plain background – thisinteresting to read through. helps the image stand out even though it’s in black and white. It also helps the texts to be readable. This could mean the page number of the magazine or the first page of the contents page out of 3.
  8. 8. This contents page is from COMPLEX Magazine that I have found from Images. I have chosen COMPLEX’s contents page because their style and their layout is very different from other magazines. I have noticed, most of the title ‘Contents’ /’Table of Contents’ are always placed at This is the only image on the page of the front cover the right top edge of the page. From this model placed on the top left corner of the contents page. they have also added the Issue number This may be because this magazine’s issue is mainly and the cover date of the magazine (When focused on Elisha Cuthbert. this issue was published) on the bottom. Some magazines haveThey have also 2 page of tableadded the Contents. For the firstmasthead of the page, they onlymagazine on this include the featurespicture, but the that were shown ondifference is that the front coverthe letters because it is the‘omplex’ are in number of topics thatlower case and the attracted the readersletter C is in Upper to purchase this issuecase. which they are most interested to read aboutMagazines always include For the secondtheir official websites for their page, that’s wherecustomers to visit & to find they start adding allout more information about the features that arethem. They have also added included in thethe cover date of this magazine includingmagazine to show when this the magazine’sissue was released to make editor and othersure that their customers are directors etc.aware that they arepurchasing the right issue – They have included the topic’s pages These three texts of ‘thru’ are veryThese two techniques can be beside it to guide their customers where confusing to me that it persuadesfound on the bottom left/ to find these features in the magazine. me to read through these pagesright of the page. It is also coloured in a white text & a placed beside it. bright pink background to make it stand The use of this technique is to out to the readers introduce a prepositional phrase.
  9. 9. This is my last example of another contents page from a different magazine. As you can see, this contents page is from ‘upscale’ magazine which I will be Evaluating & Analysing the different types of techniques they have used. This example I have used may not be an R&B magazine because I couldn’t find any other R&B contents page, plus I thought I’d use this because its layout is very different to other contents apge. In their contents page they have added the title of the magazine on the top left of the page. They have also added the title contents page but is rotated around 90 degrees and placed next to the image of the front cover model and the magazines features. This is the magazine’s cover date which was published on They have added April 2010 the magazine’s official website on their contents page They have separated just in case their the different topics customers wanted of the magazine into to know more different categories. information about The Features shows them the hottest topics that may interest readers to read through. The StyleThis magazine has shows beauty guidesseparated the and advices andfeatures that were other fashion trendson the cover etc.because these arethe topics that havegrabbed their They only have oneattention which secondary imagethey are more added on their pageinterested in of a womanreading about. showing off her hair for the topic ‘Hair – Twisted hair styles rock!’ to persuade readers to read this topic. This is a picture of this issues front cover for them to This is the name of the magazine label the different topic’s pages for the customers to in a bold text the cover date find easily. They also talk about who Tasha Smith’s (the beside it and the page number. front cover model) photographer and the stylist etc.
  10. 10. Finally I will be Evaluating& Analyzing 4 different types of 2 page spread from different magazines. This 2 page spread that I found on Google images is from a magazine called ‘FLAVOUR’. This red line shows where the magazine folds. As you can see they have separated the texts on the left side and the picture on Lead Image - As Alexandra Burks is on the the right side making sure it is not placed on the middle so that FLAVOUR magazine’s 2 page spread, we know it is readable. that she is the front cover model of this issue. The text may be blur and small to We know that this is the lead read, but we know that this is the This is called the Columns where the writer shows image of this page because it is website of this magazine which is his/her opinions about the the biggest picture. highlighted in pink to make it stand out to its readers. artist.This is the page number of this topic This is a Pull quote fromwhich includes the name of the Alexandra Burks which wasmagazine. taken out from an interview.
  11. 11. This 2 page spread I have found from the website called Google is an R&B magazine called ‘Billboard’. This magazine’s issue is mainly focused about Rihanna’s story. I will be Evaluating and Analysing the different techniques they have used in this page. We know that this is the lead image because it is the Standfirst – This technique is used to biggest picture on the page. In this picture, Rihanna introduce the article. It is usually in a bigger has been captured sitting on a turret of a pink tank font sizes than the other texts. which looks very strange that it encourages the readers to read through the article. This pink line shows where the magazine will be folded, that is why they have separated the texts and put it into two pages so that it will be readable to its readers.They have also used the technique ‘Pull This article is written in columns. This this two page spread, they have only Inquote’ added amongst the text on the leftpage. This is usually taken during an helps the readers of this magazine to used 2 secondary images of Rihanna which Iinterview. read faster and easier. But what I think readers would find boring.The use of a pull quote grabs its reader’s don’t like about this 2 page spread isattention to read the article. They are that they have added too much They have used the title ‘Pon deusually bigger than the other texts whichinformation that would discourage airplay’ which sounds like Rihanna’shelp it stand out. their readers in reading it. ‘Pon de replay’ music, but from this we can tell that the text written I have found this picture from under this shows Rihanna’s top music Google which already shows tracks from one of her music albums. the theme colours the magazine uses. As you can see, they have only used 3 different colours which they have taken out from the lead image. They have then applied these to its font’s colour.
  12. 12. This double page spread example is from an R&B magazine called VIBE. This article is about Solange Knowles who is the famous R&B singer Beyonce’s sister. We know that this is the lead image of this article as it is different from the other pictures because it is the only coloured image which stands outs very well from the black and white secondary photos.We know that this magazine is from ‘Vibe’because of how they have set out the text‘Volume’ exactly to the way they have set out This is called the columnsthe title of their Contents page. that is used to layout a text in an article.Solange Knowles isn’t one of those famous R&B This texts seems to have larger fonts This is a pull quote fromcelebrities yet which some people may not than the rest, this is because it is Solange Knowles from andrecognise who she is, but from this text, only her acting as a ‘Standfirst’ which is used interview which is in a boldname has a colour blue which highlights it and to introduce the article. and larger font.make it stand out to its readers to inform themwho she is. The main colours they have used are These are the 7 secondary images added red, blue and black. They have used along the top page. In these images, it black for most of the text and the looks like they have captured her every secondary images. They have used blue move while dancing. It is also coloured in to highlight some important information black and white which doesn’t really stand and red for Solange Knowles dress which out from the page. stands out the most.
  13. 13. Lastly, this is my fourth example of a double page spread that I have found from Ebony magazineabout Alicia Keys which I will be analysing.This double page spread is very simple where they have not added much information and secondaryimages of the main character (Alicia Keys) which I think looks unfinished. I also think it is very boringbecause they have only got one column of information and one image which I think there was nopoint of making this double page spread for her at all. But the idea of just one block of columnplaced on the left may be something really important and straight forward that the readers shouldread and focus on because if they had a lot of information, readers might end up ignoring them andnot getting the whole story.They have used Alicia Keys’ name as their title placed on the bottom of the page which is coloured intwo different types of orange and in large font size. The orange on the left is darker which reallystands out from red and the orange on the right is lighter which sort of clashes with the colours theyhave used in the lead image. It may not be 100 percent readable to its readers but I think they didthis on purpose because Alicia Keys is already a famous R&B celebrity that everyone knows. Thecolour orange is a mixture of red and yellow which could mean two reasons; power and joyful inother words she is a fearless singer but in the inside she has a warm heart. The use of two differentcolours helps separate it from the two pages and the line where the magazine will be folded in half(the white line).The use of a red background on the left page helps it look busy rather than white which would lookreally boring and empty to its readers. This colour also shows as a warning/danger to give the idea toits readers that this page is very important and that they should read the small information writtenon the left.
  14. 14. The main colours they have used are red, orange, black and white which I think are very powerfulcolours to show what her attitude is like. The use of colour white for the texts helps it stand out fromthe red background rather than using a black text which would be hard to read.