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Preparing Dry Cured Sausages


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This is a very simple overview of how to prepare dry cured (fermented) sausages like Salami, Pepperoni, and Chorizo at home. Read more on our blog:

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Preparing Dry Cured Sausages

  1. 1. WestonSupply.comHow ToPrepare Dry Cured Sausages
  2. 2. Step OneGrind the meatHere, we’re grinding pork shoulderthrough a small grinding plate forTuscan SalamiProducts Shown:Go TO Weston #12 Commercial Grade Electric Meat Grinder (08-1201-W)Go TO Weston 40 lb Meat Lug (83-8001-W)
  3. 3. Step TWO Here, we’re mixing ground pork shoulder, curing salts, starter culture, dextrose, andMIX THE a few spices for Chorizo.INGREDIENTS Product Shown: Weston 20 lb. Meat Mixer (36-1901-W) Go TO
  4. 4. Step THREESTUFF the SAUSAGEHere, we’re stuffing our freshlymixed salami meat into fresh hogcasings that were rinsed andsoaked for half an hour.Product Shown:Realtree Outfitters 7 lb Vertical SausageStuffer by Weston (73-0701-RT) Go TO
  5. 5. Step FOURHANG the SAUSAGEAfter letting the cultures incubateat room temperature overnight,we hung the sausage fromWeston sausage hooks in a homemade curing chamber. Dry curingrequires humidity andtemperature control, so thisrefrigerator has a humidifierinside as well as various monitorsfor humidity and temperature.Product Shown:Weston Sausage Hooks (41-0103) Go TO
  6. 6. Step FIVEDrying ProcessBecause we used hog casings, allthree of our sausages – Salami,Peperone, & Chorizo – shouldtake anywhere from 12 to 20 daysto dry. It all depends on the typeand diameter of the sausages.Product Shown:Weston Sausage Hooks (41-0103) Go TO
  7. 7. ABOUT USWe make professional quality specialty food processing productsfor home use. This means foods like sausage and pasta can beprocessed, prepared and preserved with your own hands. No needto defer to today’s problematic food system.At Weston, we’re passionate about home food prep. We believe inusing our own products in daily cooking practice and strive to passalong our own food knowledge to provide further value.To browse more of our products and see what we’re all about,visit our online store at Go TO