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Shaye Howell...strategies pp

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Shaye Howell...strategies pp

  2. 2. Pre-Planning •Hold a meeting during pre-planning to inform new teachers and to remind current teachers what the Media Center offers them. •Use a Power Point presentation to promote the use of an easy software program that everyone can use to make any lesson more interesting.
  3. 3. Display Board Choose a location that is easily accessible for teachers to view throughout the year. Hang a bulletin board to display the following information: •Media Center Mission •Role of Media Specialist •Lessons Offered by Media Specialist •Continuing Education Opportunities •Technology Classes Provided on Campus •Calendar of Upcoming Events •Ongoing Projects and Student Work
  4. 4. E-Newsletter Morning Announcements •Incorporate the Media Center Mission and the Role of the Media Specialist to remain permanently on the E-Newsletter. •Include a link to a calendar for teachers to schedule activities. Also, post upcoming events. •Send Reminders of upcoming classes and opportunities for teachers and students. •Share pictures of student work.
  5. 5. Grade-Level Meetings •Provide reminders and announcements to grade level Leaders that provide information about opportunities available to teachers. •Share actual examples of projects students have previously created. •Have teachers e-mail a copy of the minutes from grade-level meetings to keep Media Specialist informed.
  6. 6. Faculty Meetings •Take advantage of faculty meetings to encourage teachers to collaborate. •Present technology ideas. •Have teachers share a collaboration experience.