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Shayda Powerpoint

  1. 1. Why is the Rate of Animal Abuse Growing? By Shayda Fatoorchi Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core March 1st 2013
  2. 2. Animal abuse isWhy do we letinnocentanimals suffer,and guiltypeople go free?We sell animalsfreely like theymean nothing,and testproducts onthem to keep ussafe.
  3. 3. OverpopulationEvery yearthousands of animalsare put down andkilled because thereis not enough roomfor them in localshelters. So if you ora friend areconsidering having apet, make sure toadopt one.
  4. 4. People cause pain to animalsThey beat them… Starve them…Abandon them… And kill them…
  5. 5. Even though people think animals arentimportant becausethey’re not human, we can take small steps to prevent animal cruelty because nobody should get awaywith animal abuse, and animals should not be as easily sold to everybody.
  6. 6. Some Statistics:Every year more than 25 million vertebrae animals areused for testing in the U.S. If we added the number of invertebrates the estimated number would be 100million! The number of animals being tested on is more than the number of people populating New York city!
  7. 7. About 5 million animals die in shelterseach year due to lack of adoption and overpopulation in our kennels…
  8. 8. We Need to Treat Animals Fairly
  9. 9. Animal cruelty is a crime. Unless we punishpeople for abusing an animal, they are just going to go out and do it again without any worry.
  10. 10. Getting Help From Others The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone in this. Don’t pass up an opportunity to make a difference because of lack of numbers.
  11. 11. Animal Abuse is a Thousands of guilty people arenot charged for the crimes they commit. Stricter laws and punishments would be a huge
  12. 12. Criminals who are are charged for animal abuse should be punished 0% 0% 0% Strongly Agree 14% Agree Nither Agree or Disagree Disagree 86% Strongly Disagree Data Obtained from self-generated Survey. Take Survey Now!
  13. 13. Have you ever been around or involved in a case of animal abuse?40.00%35.00%30.00% yes25.00%20.00% 15.00% no10.00% 5.00% heard about it from 0.00% others yes no heard about it from others
  14. 14. Animals are beautiful living creatures thatdeserve to be treated better…and if wearen’t careful, we may end up obliteratingour entire animal kingdom.
  15. 15. But There is Hope…We are the only hope left for the creaturessuffering at human will. If we all take small stepstoward our goal, we could end the pain. Be thechange you want to see in this world, the choiceis in your hands… Will you take it?
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  17. 17. Brought byto you Orcutt Academy Frosh Core