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Mock up film poster


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Published in: Education
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Mock up film poster

  1. 1. First I went about researching what kind of font to use of our poster. Looking at other psychological thriller posters and seeing what kind of fonts they used. Most of them were plain, thick fonts or plain, thin fonts that have been altered or edited to go along the theme of the film. Therefore I have decided for this mock up to use a thick font has it will draw the eyes to it more easily, and for the mock up, I shall leave it as basic text.
  2. 2. I went through some website fonts and found different fonts that could be used for the final piece. Larke Neue by Steve Gardner Code by Fontfabric Lemon/Milk by Ariq Sya Caviar Dreams by Lauren Thompson
  3. 3. For the other parts of the poster I have found a font that is used quite a lot with posters and looks quite nice but doesn’t draw your eye towards it to not be too distracting to the actual title and focus of the poster. SF Movie Poster
  4. 4. For the film poster I needed to use a colour scheme that would look nice together while being able to read what is on the page. For contrast the first two colours that came to mind were black and white. However as it was a psychological thriller I felt like another colour should be used to portray this so I used red, as it is normally symbolised as blood or danger.
  5. 5. For the image, we wanted to recreate what is used in one of the Jacobs Ladder Posters as we feel it would fit our short film and open the poster up for the audience to ask questions. As this also needed to be the main focus of the poster I didn’t want to put any additional images to draw attention away.
  6. 6. For the layout I followed the most common with film posters, with the focus picture and title in the middle, who it is starring at the top and the credits and other information near the bottom.
  7. 7. I followed the same layout with the actors and or people who involved with having them at the top of the screen. I also have the planned release in the same font but a bit bigger and in the red to match the colour scheme and to draw the attention to this so the audience knows when the film is to be released.
  8. 8. For now I have added in a stand in text for the credits but the placing of them is the same as most film posters. It is at the bottom in a font that doesn’t draw the audiences attention to it. I have two reviews that mirror each other on either side and the logos that are involved in the film, I just used two companies that I saw were on other psychological thrillers.