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LeadChange article


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LeadChange article

  1. 1. CHR has launched an exciting new program that utilizes our horses to facilitate leadership development and team building experiences for busi- nesses and corporations. Groups spend the day trading workplace pres- sures and deadlines for the beauty and fresh air of our ranch, and partici- pants have the opportunity to work directly with our breath-taking horses. All exercises take place on the ground, and are specifically designed to create awareness into the group’s dynamics and their ability to work together to accomplish a common goal. Compa- nies receive a pre-consultation to specifically identify what they aim to accomplish during the experience. These goals can range from address- ing dysfunction within the team, to focusing on leadership training for managers, or creating comradery within a brand new team. Improving a team’s ability to work together in all of these scenarios will LEAD CHANGE in an organization, and result in achieving stronger performance! CHR’s Thoroughbred, Ray, helps promote teamwork in a LeadChange exercise. The facilitator, Shawna English, spent twenty years in the corporate envi- ronment supervising hundreds of em- ployees and numerous managers for a publically-traded Fortune “100 Best Company”. She knows first hand the business impact that comes from building and retaining strong teams. The value of delivering engaging ex- periences that promote cooperation, employee engagement, and creative thinking directly links to company productivity. Shawna has a Business Degree, a Masters Degree in Educa- tion, and is O.K. Corral Certified in Equine Assisted Learning for Businesses and Corporations. A New Program at CHR Make the LeadChange Difference J U N E 2 0 1 5C H R O N I C L E 10386 N 65th Street, Longmont, CO 80503 (720) 494-1414 By Shawna English, Development Associate and Adoption Coordinator
  2. 2. Greg Kersten’s methods have been proven working with clients such as Amgen, Fidelity, Microsoft, and Dell. You can read more about Greg and the O.K Corral philosophy at services. Companies are encouraged to book the full day experi- ence to allow enough time for the group to gain new perspective as participants engage in exercises with the horses during both morning and afternoon sessions. Lunch is served ranch-style, from freshly grilled burgers with all the fixins to healthy side dishes. After the expe- rience, leaders are welcome to stay on site and further discuss what evolved during the day with their team. Unlike other team building experiences, partici- pants in LeadChange start on an even playing field in their knowledge and ability to work with horses. It is only through authentic leadership, self- awareness, and the group’s ability to work as a “herd” that they will be suc- cessful in meeting their objectives. See the difference LeadChange can make in your organization! Find out more at program. CHR’s Savannah in the snow. As with all horses, Savannah meets people in the moment without judgement. She expects fairness, respect, and acknowledgement. Continued... Making the LeadChange Difference J U N E 2 0 1 5C H R O N I C L E 10386 N 65th Street, Longmont, CO 80503 (720) 494-1414