SuccessConnect 2013 Keynote


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SuccessConnect 2013 Keynote

  1. 1. Shawn Price President, SuccessFactors an SAP Company
  2. 2. c mmunity together, today and tomorrow t day t morrow SuccessFactors in the present future trends and the impact on the role of HR
  3. 3. t day SuccessFactors in the present SAP + SFSF single voice to the customer 65,000 employees dedicated to being cloud leader integration 27 years of HCM expertise global used by > 200k organizations globally verticals 2M community members uniquely positioned with SAP
  4. 4. t day SuccessFactors in the present performance and growth you are driving growth and innovation 23M users in 177 countries full suite of connected applications 3700 customers 35 languages, most international in the industry
  5. 5. t day SuccessFactors in the present investing in infrastructure focus on stability and support seamless crossover of applications execs compensation tied to your success greater visibility new chief customer office SLAs with teeth built out new DCs to bring local support invested in data centers globally
  6. 6. t day SuccessFactors in the present onboarding core HR in the cloud ready for primetime iFlows filling recruit to retire employee lifecycle mining data to deliver actionable, real time insights headlines payroll 2013 highlights innovation built out mobile functionality and new iPad and iPhone capabilities 10M users using Jam – integrated into all of our applications  HR help desk mobile only 60 patent applications payroll workbench built on HANA
  7. 7. t day morrow SuccessFactors inthe impact on the role of HR future trends and the present trends impacting the world of work mobile 5 GENERATIONS IN THE WORKFORCE talent shortage personal brand experience gap millenials social
  8. 8. recruit to retire plan workforce demand recruit succession recognize + reward core HR .... on prem cloud learning onboard + train performance + goals
  9. 9. power of 1 recruit to retire plan workforce demand 1 set of employee master data 1 competency catalog recruit succession recognize + reward core HR .... on prem cloud onboard + train 1 organizational structural 1 set of consolidated analytics learning performance + goals
  10. 10. power of 1 plan workforce demand recruit succession .... 1 analytics + social onboard + train recognize + reward learning performance + goals
  11. 11. t day SuccessFactors in the present 250 job families expertise + content 60 international and country specific reports 25 pre-built compensation reports 500 Goals 2,000+ workforce KPIs and metrics 86 competencies across 10 categories 1,548 writing assistant comments 170+ core HR workflows 100 pre-built reports and dashboards 3700 customers 1,032 coaching assistant comments 800 industry specific job descriptions
  12. 12. t day SuccessFactors in the present employee central core HR in the cloud
  13. 13. surround strategy blueprint for the ecosystem time & attendance, benefits, payroll SAP family unnatural advantage pre-delivered integrations systems integration partners integration app development HANA
  14. 14. Shakti Jauhar Vice President, Global HR Operations and Shared Services, PEPSICO
  15. 15. t morrow future trends and the impact on the role of HR predictive HCM not just looking in the rear view mirror explosion of data time to fill operating profit per FTE aggregation building blocks segmentation indexes management bench strength metrics voluntary turn-over rate
  16. 16. t morrow “ future trends and the impact on the role of HR recruiting old/new world Our media has been phenomenal in US, we couldn’t be happier with results. The total hires measured was 15% in 2011 and 2012 increased to 65% through online channels. SuccessFactors did everything they said – make very visible across the web – increased the volume, and increase quality over online channels. – Jim Trooper, Celgene Corporation strategic workforce planning supply and demand new realities keep talent pools warm composite view sourcing channels retail innovation extending end-to-end ”
  17. 17. t morrow future trends and the impact on the role of HR old/new world learning and engagement content democracy learning revolution intelligently mixed modes driving engagement talent process gamification learning criticality foundation of all talent processes Jam
  18. 18. Carol S. Anderson Global Human Resources Officer Talent Management Services & Technology Marriott International
  19. 19. HR study HR executive in C-suite are high performers, average more profitable than industry peers. 105% Those that identify HR risks in annual reports outperform industry peers that don’t, Return on assets by operating profit by and earnings per share 55% 95% 54% Having a higher percentage of goals aligned and completed do better than their industry peers in key financial metrics. Companies that review employee performance throughout the year meet quarterly financial estimates and experience a better average compound annual growth rate (CAGR)
  20. 20. t day SuccessFactors in the present right people, right place, right things, right measures
  21. 21. the difference complete beautiful start anywhere