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Bar mitzvahproject


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Published in: Spiritual, Travel
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Bar mitzvahproject

  1. 1. + Bar Mitzvah Project Life from a Different Angle By Benjamin Gross
  2. 2. + Overview  Benjamin’s story about Israel and Caliber 3  Steve’s story about his life and what he does  Questions
  3. 3. + When I went to Israel  Went last summer with my family  My cousin Jack found a place on the internet called Caliber 3 and insisted that we had to visit  Israel was an amazing experience  Most meaningful part of the trip that changed my views
  4. 4. + Why I’m here  To explain to all of you what life in Israel is really like  To allow you all the privilege of meeting an IDF solider  To hear his stories  To spread the important message that I learned at Caliber 3
  5. 5. + Caliber 3  It is a counter-terrorism academy for the IDF in the West Bank  My first thought when I arrived  What we did there  My final thoughts  Our instructor Steve and his story
  6. 6. + Steve’s Message  The main part of my Caliber 3 experience was the message Steve gave to us  He wanted to show us what it is like to live in a place that is constantly at risk of terrorism  He also wanted us to show us that the IDF is not how they are portrayed by the media  Finally, he asked us to spread these messages in our home communities
  7. 7. + About Steve  Steve is a on a counter-terrorism unit in his community  Steve is a Rabbi  Steve runs a program for special need student to learn torah  He has four kids  He works at Caliber 3 part time  Steve was born in Johannesburg South Africa
  8. 8. + Video of Steve
  9. 9. + Steve’s Story  Time to hear from Steve about his life and what he does in Israel
  10. 10. + Questions