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How work really gets done


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I designed this presentation as a thought starter for groups of people who believe work gets done via well defined rules, hierarchies and the ability to refer to the best practice database. This presentation challenges all that and encourages the audience to rethink how work really gets done.

This is an "in person presentation". I'm happy to share the hand out notes as well if anyone is interested.

I'm from Melbourne, Australia.

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  • Exceptional presentation. Very clear together with helpful
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  • I was reminded by my friend, Les Posen, that I used a slide he sent me in this presentation. So I have added a note of thanks to this presentation, which I should have done in version 1.
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How work really gets done

  1. 1. How work really gets done by Shawn Callahan
  2. 2. “ Our YahooGroups site has gone!”
  3. 3. More jobs require tacit interaction Beardsley, Scott C., Bradford C. Johnson, and James M. Manyika. 2006. Competitive advantage from better interactions. The McKinsey Quarterly (2):53-63.
  4. 4. Performance is increasingly more unpredictable Beardsley, et. al (2006)
  5. 5. Abundance  Asia  Automation Pink, Daniel. 2005. A Whole New Mind . Sydney: Allen & Unwin.
  6. 6. Thanks to Les Posen for this slide
  7. 7. “ I haven't got the intellectual capacity or the time or energy to actually manufacture all these pieces of jigsaw, but I know where I can find them. I go and I see amazing science being done, I think, ‘Whoa, can we work together? Because that is one of the pieces of the jigsaw, I can see that it will fit and I can see I can help you with maybe a little bit of yours but you can help me with mine.’” Fiona Wood , Scientist and 2 005 Australian of the Year ABC Talking Heads
  8. 8. Team  Community  Network C o l l a b o r a t i o n
  9. 10. Noticing… and enhancing
  10. 11. Changing social networks through Open Space
  11. 12. Awareness of Passion networks before meeting
  12. 13. Awareness of Passion networks after meeting
  13. 14. Preparing people to see a social network
  14. 15. People who help you solve difficult problems by site
  15. 16. Innovation consistently making small improvements
  16. 18. Noticing… and enhancing
  17. 19. > Design > Symphony > Empathy > Play > Story > Meaning > Relationships Pink, Daniel. 2005. A Whole New Mind . Sydney: Allen & Unwin.
  18. 20. Wenger, Etienne. 2005. Communities of Practice. In Knowledge Management Australia . Sydney.
  19. 21. I am a …
  20. 23. Thanks to Bob Sutton for crow picture