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  1. 1. SERVICE AREAS: North Central Texas, West Texas, New Mexico and Southern Oklahoma Emergency Rescue & Rapid Intervention Team Mission Statement “Allied International Emergency’s mission is providing; experienced, certified, and capable rescue professionals. “ While most rescue companies provide individuals who are trained in CPR and other first aid techniques, AIE chooses to adhere to more stringent training/certification requirements. Along with a strict “5 Years of Service” requirement, AIE strives to provide non- commissioned EMT and/or Paramedics on our rescue teams. In addition, Allied International Emergency’s rescue and intervention teams are trained to OSHA 29CFR1910.146, 29CFR1910.120 and NFPA 1006, 1670 and 1983 standards. No matter the size or duration, any entry into an industrial confined space has the potential for unseen hazards. Your company needs to be prepared with a rescue team that knows the scope of work to be accomplished inside and out. AIE personnel will assist in atmospheric monitoring, risk assessment and implementation of a technical rescue plan, prior to entering any hazardous environment. Allied International Emergency provides a hands on approach to maintain safety, continually monitor and assess changing conditions, and provide the appropriate rescue equipment. Entrapment, engulfment, flammable/toxic atmospheres are just a few of the scenarios our rescue crews are trained and certified to handle, minimizing the risk to your workers. “From consultation to implementation, Allied International Emergency puts the safety of all parties involved at the forefront. “  Hazard Specific Rescue Equipment  State of the Art Air Monitoring Equipment  Dedicated Rescue Trailer  Toxicology and Industrial Hygiene Support Please contact our office for more information: 1.800.980.7911