DotBrands - The Next Internet Gold Rush Is Coming


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The Next Internet Boom is fast approaching and big business is poised to take advantage of this. For the first time in history it will be possible to own (if you have the money).anything. SLAM Strategy formally SLAM Marketing, specialises in new top level doamin names with a focus on dotBrands.

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DotBrands - The Next Internet Gold Rush Is Coming

  1. 1. The Next Internet Gold Rush is Coming!<br />.brand<br />
  2. 2. What is a .brand TLD?<br />Click<br />
  3. 3. Publicly Confirmed gTLD Brands<br />
  4. 4. 5 recent gTLD Articles<br />Click on the image below to read the article<br />Decision points for .brand gTLD’s<br />Intro to new gTLD’s<br />A name game but not anyone can play<br />New age Cyber Branding Warfare<br />9 Things You Need To Know About gTLD’s<br />(Video)<br />
  5. 5. .brand gTLDBenefits…<br />Companies are securing their .brand TLDs for both defensive and marketing purposes. Online marketing, intellectual property protection and fraud prevention will be vastly improved.<br />MARKETING<br />LEGAL PROTECTION<br />A once-only opportunity to be guaranteed to secure your trademarks as<br />.brands. <br />SECURITY<br />A single location uniting your websites and content.<br />The most intuitive internet address possible, making it easy for consumers and search engines to identify your official presence.<br />Your brand at the pinnacle of the domain universe.<br />Every possible domain ending with your .brand TLD is available for your use. <br />A secure online ecosystem totally free from knock-off and phishing sites - preventing traffic diversion, cybersquatting & brand abuse.<br />Eliminate consumer confusion: “If it doesn’t end .HSBC, it’s not a genuine HSBC website.”<br />Your .brand puts you in control: you can switch on and switch off domains used by agents, distributors, etc.<br />VALUE CREATION<br />For the cost of a TV campaign, you can acquire and keep the most valuable real estate on the internet for your brand.<br />
  6. 6. Holding Out On Your .brand<br />Why “Let’s wait and see what happens”is not a popular strategy for business…<br />Someone else could acquire your .brand:<br />There is a city of Melbourne in the USA and Australia but only one company gets .melbourne. <br />A “confusingly similar” domain could block you:<br />For example: If the Apple Farmers Union acquires .apples first, then the company Apple will be permanently blocked from obtaining “.apple”.<br />Loss of Competitive Advantage: <br />Missing this round will leave you years behind the competition. Due to the slow pace of launching each round of new domains, it could take 5 to 10 years to catch up.<br />
  7. 7. gTLD Complexity<br />It is impossible for most brands to acquire and manage their .brand TLDs without outside assistance<br />Specialist knowledge:<br />Navigating the ICANN approval process and operating a domain name registry are extremely specialist practices - a very limited number of organisations and individuals have a track record of success in this field. SLAM Marketing’s partners have that experience<br />Accreditation: <br />ICANN requires all new gTLDs to operate through an ICANN-accredited registrar.<br />Technical Requirements:<br />There is a vast list of compulsory technical requirements for new gTLD entrants including IPV6 and DNSSEC, as well as anycasting, requiring a global network of redundant DNS servers.<br />Time Constraints:<br />There remains a 5 month window to establish your technical solution, prove that it passes ICANN requirements, prepare your case, and write and submit your application to ICANN. <br />
  8. 8. .brandOpportunity<br />If a brand can secure their “.brand”, they will have for ever secured the opportunity to explore all the marketing opportunities that exist exclusively with a select number of other .brands around the world. “Who will give birth to the gTLD’s first billion dollar domain baby?”<br />From an optimisation point of view this will hypothetically make it easier for search engines to identify your business, ranking it higher in related search results so people searching for that .brands products and services can find you easier.<br />It would be a more secure platform tailored specifically to that .brands industry and identity and the owner of the .brand can regulate everything that happens in relation to that .brand including who uses it, how much they pay to use it and what the can and can’t do with it.<br />Consumers would identify the .brand extensions as being from more reputable sources of accurate information (RAA approved) than non .brand names.<br />
  9. 9. Activity Time Line<br />Best time to start the application writing process in order to have enough time to address all issues. <br />JULY 2011<br />NOV-DEC 2011<br />All applications should be submitted by this time as applications are likely to be addressed in order of first in best dressed<br />JAN-APR 2012<br />ICANN’s 90 days window to accept submissions <br />APR - NOV 2012<br />The time to plan the rollout strategies<br />JULY 2012<br />LAUNCH – execute the rollout strategy<br />
  10. 10. Enquire about your Top Level Domain opportunity today!<br />Shaun Le Cornu<br />CEO SLAM Marketing PTY LTD.<br /><br /><br />0418825434<br />