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locations for a pop photoshoot

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Reconnaissance into Locations
  2. 2. Locations: For pop magazines, no photographs are usually in a set location. The backdrop is al ways plain or the background is cropped out onto something plain. It is very rare that you see it in a set location unless it is a photo the artist has took themselves or relates to them - like in We Love Pop there was a double page spread of Dappy with a graffiti wall in the background. Sometimes photos are taken on set of the celebrities - such as One Direction having a photoshoot on the set that they are filming their new music video. I am going to take this into consideration when taking my photographs for my pop magazine in order to keep it conventional.
  3. 3. Front Cover Location For the front cover of my magazine “Pop It”, I am going to use a plain white screen for the background. By using a plain white background I can use it to my advantage. I will not need to crop my image out and put it on a white background - as a white background is common on magazine front covers in pop magazines. I will be able to manipulate this on photoshop in order to make it as professional looking as possible. Another advantage is that my main artists on my front cover will be able to stand out a lot more, and there will be no distractions in the background to distract the audience and take focus of my main artist. By using a white background it also gives my text to vary in colour and choice so it is appropriate to read, If I had a colour background I would be limited on choice.
  4. 4. Contents Page Location For the main image on my contents page, I will use a white screen as the background - similarly to the front cover image, as it is the same artists being used. This will help to create a symbiotic link between the two images. For the smaller images that feature on the contents page, I will not use a white background as it is uncommon to do so. Artists will be pictured in average locations. This will create an informal tone to the magazine, reflecting the genre and the age of those reading it. Despite not having a white background - nothing in the background of the smaller images will have anything distracting in the background to deter the audiences attention away from the rest of the contents page.
  5. 5. Double Page Spread Location: The main image on the double page spread will feature on a white background - just like the contents page and the front cover as it is the same artists. This will initially, show the success of the artist and highlight their fame. Just like the front cover image, by having a white background, I am able to manipulate the image in order to make it look more professional. Any other pictures that feature - like on the contents page, will not have a white background but instead will be the celebrities looking more relaxed.