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#SOCIAL & STV - presentation for Be Good Be Social


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Shaun Milne, Editor Advance & Stream Content (Digital Publishing) at STV, presentation for Be Good Be Social event in Glasgow on March 31, 2014, discussing the relationship between traditional and digital media, social media & how the third sector can get more involved.

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#SOCIAL & STV - presentation for Be Good Be Social

  1. 1. Noun; Needing companionship and therefore best suited to living in communities: “we are social beings as well as individuals” #social
  2. 2. Here is the news … • journalism isn’t dead .. it’s evolving • we’ve never had a better (or bigger) audience • this is becoming a golden era for content • news hasn’t changed, the audience has
  3. 3. Lights, camera, interaction • the best traditions of journalism still exists • we plan, we check, we deliver stories • our teams are now on-air 24/7 • technology = new opportunities
  4. 4. Don’t be shy, be social • Where do you want it placed? Why? • What makes your story shareable? • How will you measure success? • Cultivate your contacts. Work with them.
  5. 5. Safety in numbers • study the trends, learn the numbers • understand and target your audience • take control of your own publishing cycle • come on in, the water’s lovely
  6. 6. Make a #hash of it • Share on social and build your own brand • New UGC button launching for City Apps • City TV live programmes launch in June • It’s good to talk, but better to do
  7. 7. Shaun Milne Editor, Advance & Stream Content Digital Publishing @milnemedia