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Sprocket custom publish e book


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Sprocket custom publish e book

  1. 1. T E L L Y O U R S T O R Y. C L A I M Y O U R S PA C E . C R E AT I V E P U B L I S H I N G S E R V I C E S
  2. 2. About Creative Publishing Value WHO WE ARE Work Contact We are Sprocket Media, a B2B marketing solutions business serving the technology and ABOUT healthcare sectors for more than 20 years. We offer a wide range of marketing solutions from specialty staffing to fully integrated creative publishing and results based services. We produce compelling content that works across all channels, from print and digital to mobile. Our vision is all about helping you maximize your reach via breakthrough creative content and design, social media, media sales and staffing solutions. As our commitment to you, we always: > Work as an extension of your company > Operate with transparency and honesty > Know your business, forwards and
  3. 3. About Creative Publishing For about the price of a mailed post card, you Value can provide your customers with a completely Work customized, full-color magazine promoting your Contact brand, your products and your unique services. We Offer A Complete Turnkey Solution Including: > PUBLISHING STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT We’ll bring our best editorial and business minds to the table to help you create a plan to accomplish your goals. The process starts at a high level and drills down to the specifics of content, design, revenue, CREATIVE and metrics. > EDITORIAL MANAGEMENT AND DESIGN The right combination of content and visuals creates power. We will produce a stunning extension of your brand that will PUBLISHING drive loyalty and grow your market. > AD SALES STRATEGY AND CIRCULATION Some of our clients rely on ad revenues to offset costs or even turn a profit. Sprocket’s ad sales group sells advertising directly, manages rep firms, and advises on the design of ad sales programs. We also manage the strategic and tactical marketing efforts for the sales staff. We are experts in all forms of circulation – from paid to controlled to newsstand. > PRINTING AND DISTRIBUTION Our hands-on management saves our clients money and ensures a high level of quality. We’re experts in circulation marketing, fulfillment programs, and distribution
  4. 4. About Creative Publishing A custom publication creates brand awareness. Value It creates advocates, subscribers, and purchasers and increases the volume of inbound leads Work for your brand. Contact What A Custom Magazine Will Do For You > INCREASE LOYALTY AND TRUST: Custom publications support your brand, establish trust, VALUE and build confidence in your customers’ choice to purchase your products or services. > EXTEND YOUR BRAND: A publication delivers your strategy and vision clearly and consistently to extend your brand and keep you top of mind. > GENERATE LEADS: Communicate in a fresh, new, and relevant way that your target audience can’t forget. A custom publication provides information in a valuable format that makes you stand out and establish leadership. > STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS: Custom publications provide actionable information that moves the perceptions and behavior of the reader. > INFLUENCE SALES: Custom publications provide an avenue for partners and customers to engage and are a valuable tool for sales to close
  5. 5. About Creative Publishing In a socially engaged world, the best promotion Value for a company, product, or brand is high Work quality, shareable content. Contact A Custom Publication Drives Your Content Engine VALUE At Sprocket Media we craft remarkable branded content and unique captive media properties, and feed those into our clients’ marketing and communications efforts through the content engine. The idea of the content engine is to neatly pull together the broad range of things we do into a simple flow: > Build the marketing engine > Fuel it with great content > Fine tune it with
  6. 6. About Editorial design is more than simply the Creative Publishing science of compelling information presentation. Value It’s designing for shareability and engagement Work to optimize the user experience. Contact WORK Sprocket’s team of leading content and design specialists has been delivering award-winning creative for more than 20 years to clients that range from fast-growing startups to industry-leading Fortune 500 companies. We specialize in multiple delivery platforms - including print, digital, mobile, tablet, social and video. We give users content they need and want and we focus on the science of digital and mobile, combined with the art of social marketing to create unique and powerful online experiences. We execute custom solutions based on your business objectives. Media Sales Helps Offset the Cost The Sprocket sales team consistently maximizes revenue generation through media sales. We pioneered alliance-based marketing to help companies like yours deepen partnerships and extend your marketing budgets. Our integrated marketing programs maximize ROI by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right
  7. 7. About Creative Publishing Value Work Contact We don’t just make it easy to reach your customers; we make it easy to reach us. CONTACT So let’s talk about your business. Kyle Walkenhorst Shaun Mehr Media Sales Creative Publishing O +1.626.396.9400 Ext. 202 O +1.626.396.9400 M +1.323.228.3805 M +1.949.923.1660 John Kennedy Taline Vertians Sprocket Headquarters Staffing Services Social Media 600 South Lake Avenue, Suite 408 Pasadena, CA 91106 O +1.626.396.9400 Ext. 203 O +1.626.396.9400 Ext. 208 626.396.9400 M +1.415.225.5952 M +1.818.285.9152
  8. 8. s p r oc ketme d i a . c omI N N O VAT E Y O U R T H I N K I N G > I N T E G R AT E Y O U R C H A N N E L S > C A P T I VAT E Y O U R A U D I E N C E Copyright © 2012 Sprocket Media Inc. All rights reserved. Sprocket Media™ is a trademark of Sprocket Media Inc.