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Product offering sheet


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Product offering sheet

  1. 1. OLI is the world’s top selling manufacturer of Electric and Pneumatic Vibrators. A high level of customer service is guaranteed through 17 OLI Trading Subsidiaries, 36 local warehouses and 7 manufacturing plants worldwide. VI ADS CONCRETE CONSOLIDAT Industrial Vibrators: Providing centrifugal force up to 26.000 kg’s and with multiple voltage options OLI’s range of electric motovibrators covers several fields of application in every country as well as many different industrial sectors: from food to mining, from foundry to recycling and more. OLI’s electric motovibrators are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies and premium quality materials and components. Motor bodies, bearing flanges and shafts are FMEA designed and manufactured using first grade Aluminium alloy, cast iron and steel alloy to withstand heavy duty applications and guarantee safe operation in any condition. Vacuum impregnated windings and class F insulating materials enhance reliability and durability. Top quality bearings and an efficient grease retaining system assure long lasting performance and low noise generation. Adjustable eccentric weights allow easy fine tuning of the Max centrifugal force provided by the motor. Several OLI South Africa 49 Loper avenue Spartan Isando Tel. +27 (0)11 392 1054 / 1205 Fax. +27 (0)11 392 1281 COMPANY REGISTRATION NO 2008/011439/07 http:
  2. 2. certifications for use in hazardous environments are available in the OLI range to match the most demanding specification worldwide. Flow aid products: The Flow aid product range can be sold in virtually any industry. It does however come into its own within wet, sticky or fine products and powders. It can also be interchanged to assist within specific needs industries, i.e. Food industry, high temperature applications, etc. As a guideline it is normally divided into internal and external applications for ease of determining which product to offer. We, at OLI, can assist with specific sizing and application determinations.
  3. 3. Specifically products will be used as follows: Aerators-
  4. 4. Airjets- Linear pneumatic Vibrators (Hammers)-
  5. 5. Rotary pneumatic Vibrators- Electric Vibrators-
  6. 6. Hydraulic Vibrators- Concrete consolidation:
  7. 7. VH range: VHN and VHP (the professional line) are electrical high frequency internal electric vibrators for the concrete compaction. The professional line (VHP) develops higher centrifugal forces and the shaft is built with four bearings for extraheavy- duty working requirements. All of the models are characterised by their high performance, constant speed and a remarkable resistance to abrasion. CM Range:
  8. 8. CM Frequency and Voltage Converters are equipped with permanent magnets and have been specifically designed to power the high frequency concrete vibrators continuously. A new design, high quality materials and innovative solutions ensure this new converter generation high reliability and a total absence of maintenance. Multiple high frequency concrete vibrators (VHN and VHP) can be connected simultaneously to a single unit, as long as the total power consumption does not exceed the rated current of the converter. EWO range: Electric High Frequency concrete vibrators equipped with their own small electronic frequency converter integrated into the power cable suitable for connection to a single phase main power socket. This product line is characterised by high performance, constant speed and a remarkable resistance to abrasion, which make our vibrators suitable for even extremely dense concrete. The converter is equipped with protection against overload, over or under voltage, excess temperature and short circuits.