Radio Advert Evaluation


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  • Well done here Shaun. A good evaluation and record of the process. You need to make evaluations richer with media and technical words. Remember positive and negative representations as well.
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  • Super awesome! keep up the good work!
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  • amazing
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Radio Advert Evaluation

  1. 1. RADIO ADVERT EVALUATION By Shaun Elsworth
  2. 2. WHAT CREATIVE DECISIONS DID YOU HAVE TOMAKE TO SOLVE PROBLEMS AND HOW DID THISDEPART FROM YOUR ORIGINAL PLAN?We had a problem with the original script as it went over theagreed time of 30 seconds. To overcome this we had to cut outlines that we had originally recorded without messing up the flowof the advert. We achieved this as our advert makes sense,flows well and is exactly 30 seconds.We had a problem with the womans voice when we recorded itbecause it was too fast and had too many breaks in so youcouldn’t understand it. We had to record it again and edit it intothe original recording.We originally planned to use a zip sound effect that we wereplanning to get from the internet but, we could not find one andhad to improvise by recording the zip from Max’s hoodie.
  3. 3. BOTH INDIVIDUALLY AND WORKING WITH OTHERSHOW DID YOU WORK AND WHAT CHALLENGES DIDYOU FACE?I feel that I worked well individually and with my partner. Me andmy partner regularly stopped and discussed how our advert wassounding, what needed improving and what we needed to goand record so we both always knew what point we were at. Iwas working on finding relevant sound effects and beddingmusic that could be used in our radio advert and passing themon to Max who was editing them in using Audacity.We worked well with other groups as we helped Ryan andJordan with voices they couldn’t do themselves as I was thevoiceover in their final piece and Ryan was the womans voice inour radio advert.
  4. 4. WHAT ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES DID YOU USE TOHOOK YOUR INTENDED TARGET AUDIENCE?We used many advertising techniques in our radio advert tomake sure the target audience remember Waves Surf Shop. Weused techniques such as repetition of the shop name, thelocation of the shop and products that the shop sells. This helpshook the target audience as the information that we want themto remember will be stuck in their heads after they listen to ourradio advert.We also used a clear description of the products available forexample, we had the voiceover guy saying “we even do kidswear and skate wear”. This helps hook the target audience asthey know exactly what we are trying to sell and they wont getconfused and switch off.
  5. 5. HOW DID TECHNOLOGY ENABLE THE CREATIVEPROCESS? WAS IT DIFFICULT TO USE ANY OF THEEQUIPMENT AND DID YOU LEARN ANY SKILLS.We didn’t find it difficult to use any of the technology as we onlyused a sound recorder where all you had to do was press recordand stop and audacity which is a simple editing programme.The technology we used did effect how creative we could be asthe recorder limited the sounds we were able to record andbecause we were using audacity it meant we couldn’t make anymajor changes to the recording whilst we were editing it.I learned a few new skills over the course of the project. Ilearned a few basic techniques on the Audacity editingprogramme and I learned how to record a clear and decentadvert.
  6. 6. WHAT CONVENTIONS OF RADIO ADVERTSHAVE YOU USED OR NOT USED AND WHY?We used a variety of different conventions in our radio advert.We had clear speakers so that the listeners can understandwhat the speakers are saying, we had sound effects throughoutour advert to give the advert some life other than just havingspeaking all the way through. We had a bedding track to give theadvert an upbeat feel and it helps to keep the audience listening,without it the advert would be really dull.We added in the website address and location of Waves SurfShop so that the audience know where to go if they areinterested in buying any products.We also used repetition of the company name and contact infoso that the target audience remembers the key info.
  7. 7. WHAT OR WHO ARE YOU REPRESENTING INYOUR ADVERT AND HOW?We are representing surfers as both male and female as wehave used voices showing a male surfer and a female surfertalking to each other in our radio advert.We are representing salesmen as very confident andenthusiastic with the products they are trying to sell and veryclear when they speak.We are representing Waves Surf Shop with our advert so wehad to make sure that the advert wasn’t rude or offensive in anyway to give the advert maximum effectiveness.
  8. 8. WHAT FEEDBACK DID YOU GET AND DID THIS HELPYOU REALISE ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT?Mr Henley gave us feedback on our first edit and made usrealise that the womans voice couldn’t be understood. From thisfeedback we recorded again and slowed down the speech so itcan be understood by everyone.Our original script was about two chilled out surfers talking aboutthe products at Waves but Mr Henley helped us realise that thisidea wasn’t very creative and we came up with a fresh scriptwhich is much better.We also didn’t have a background track in the first edit andsomeone made us realise that having one is much better andhelps the radio advert to keep hold of listeners.