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How did you atrract/address your audience?


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How did you atrract/address your audience?

  2. 2. Primary AudienceThe primary audience for my film is people aged between 15 and 30years old. My opening sequence will appeal to them as this age isknown to repeatedly view new movies at the cinema. To meet this Ihave made my film an action film to match with films popular in therecent past such as Skyfall and The Dark Knight which the audienceis more than likely already seen. This age group may also be able torelate to the character of Stu Smith as this age range spend most oftheir free time on computers and phones and so does this character.People of this age also keep up to date with the music business.Therefore, I have chosen a track by Bastille that was only releasedrecently and the audience may have heard it before and this will addto their entertainment when viewing my product.
  3. 3. SECONDARY AUDIENCEThe secondary audience for my opening sequence is people who enjoywatch action films. To meet their demands I have included many actioncodes in my opening sequence. The biggest action code I have used in myopening sequence is the use of weapons, in my case, guns. This helps theaudience to enjoy my film because these are visible right at the start andconnotes to them the mood of the whole film. This use of guns helps linkmy film to other popular action films such as Saving Private Ryan and TheExpendables. The fast pace between all of the cuts is another action codewhich will attract my audience as they will be used to films with a fast paceand may find slower films boring and unexciting.
  4. 4. Leaving it on a Cliff-hangerI decided to leave my opening sequence on a cliff-hanger by not showingwhat happens to the character after the SWAT team find him. Instead I justfaded into the title screen. By doing this I have created a sense of mysteryabout my product which will leave the audience wanting more as they wantto know what happens to the character.