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Headless BDD


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This talk has been delivered at London Tester Gathering #TesterGathering on 26 June, 2013. This talk was all about demo of Behat and Cucumber with headless drivers Zombie and PhantomJS (Poltergeist).
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  • Hi Shashikant,

    I hoped you put your slides up, this is something that I want to look into further.

    Hopefully, we'll have a chat and a pint at the next meetup :)

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Headless BDD

  1. 1. Headless BDD Shashikant Jagtap Twitter: @Shashikant86 Blogs: Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here represent my own/personal views and not those of my current employer or previous employers
  2. 2. Topics  BDD Tools + Test Frameworks + Drivers  Benefits of using Headless Drivers with BDD tools  Zombie and Phantomjs  Demo Behat + Mink + Zombie  Demo Cucumber + Capybara + Poltergeist Hashtag #TesterGathering
  3. 3. BDD  BDD Tools [ Behat, Cucumber]  Web Acceptance Testing Frameworks [Mink, Capybara]  Drivers [Selenium, Watir, RakeTest, Goutte, Zombie, Phantomjs etc etc]
  4. 4. Browser Vs Headless  There are few drivers which pop up browser to run scenarios e.g Selenium, WebDriver, Watir  There are some which don't have real browsers but they are headless browsers e.g Phantomjs, Zombie
  5. 5. Why Headless?  Fast  No XVFB, X11, XVNC etc etc on Linux servers  HTTP, Cookies and Network Traffic  Screenshots and JavaScript execution  Error Detections on Page [JS Error]  Debug Options
  6. 6. Zombie  Headless Driver with full support to JavaScript  Uses Node.js, NPM, C++ Compiler & Python  Installation: OSX [Xcode, HomeBrew]  GitHub:
  7. 7. PhantomJS  PhantoJS is Headless Webkit with full JavaScript support.  Multipurpose  Install on Mac OSX $ brew install phantomjs  Website:
  8. 8. Headless BDD Live Demo  Behat + Mink + Zombie GitHub:  Cucumber + CapyBara + Poltergeist GitHub:
  9. 9. THANK YOU
  10. 10. THANK YOU