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Zoho Reports @ VGSoM

  1. 1. A beginner’s guide to using Zoho Reports Amol Khadikar 10BM60008 Shashidhar Shenoy N 10BM60083
  2. 2. What they said…“The greatest value of a picture is when itforces us to notice what we never expected tosee”- John W. Tukey. Father of exploratory dataanalysis “As intelligence goes up, "After all is said and done, more needs to happiness goes down. See, I have been done than said." made a graph. I make lots of - Neil Mason graphs.” "If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." - Abraham Maslow Our tool for the day…. ‘Zoho Reports’!!
  3. 3. Zoho Reports What is this tool all about? How is it different from Excel? Online Reporting and  Collaboration – designed Business Intelligence for multiple users service  Data integrity Easily analyze business data  Easy ‘Drag and drop’ Create insightful reports report creation & dashboards  Publish data and reports No installation needed – in internet/blogs all things on the cloud
  4. 4. Getting started with Zoho ReportsSome basic things for which the tool is used Other premium features Web login to the tool  Sharing databases Creating databases  Secure database access using Importing data from various SSL (https) sources  Backup of data in Zoho Various types of chart creation Reports Pivot table creation and  Scheduled import of data dashboards from behind a firewall Sharing and publishing results  Scheduled emails  Logo rebranding https://reports.wiki.zoho.com/Upload-Tool.html
  5. 5. Our data – showcasing social network Live Data used  LinkedIn Contacts visualizationExample 1 Source: LinkedIn contact manager + data export from the site  Twitter followers’ dataExample 2 Source: www.twittersave.tk by Amod Kumar Gupta  Facebook page insightsExample 3 Source: data export into csv from admin panel of the page Demo
  6. 6. Links to the outputsExample 1 http://bit.ly/linkedIn_locExample 2 http://bit.ly/twitter_folExample 3 http://bit.ly/facebook_ins
  7. 7. Prospective business applications For Self-Branding For Human Resource Managers/Agents For Marketing ManagersMany businesses are already using Zoho Reports for their reporting needs!
  8. 8. What else we tried Other things tried Issues faced Twitter streaming using  Twitterstream kept asking for WAMP stack and 140 dev – to repeated passwords while visualize trending tweets by running ‘get_tweets.php’ location/users causing the code to timeout Real time weather /  Websites internal databases population data from websites – to see dynamic updating of locked for free usage. Zoho tables Reports failed to import the Analyse rss feeds using Zoho free ones. Reports - to count real time  Code unclear or too complex word frequency to follow for the rss feedshttp://www.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/library/x-xmlzoho/index.html?ca=dgr-twtrCloud-App-Statsdth-x&S_TACT=105AGY83&S_CMP=TWDWhttp://140dev.com/free-twitter-api-source-code-library/twitter-database-server/
  9. 9. Limitations of the tool The automatic dashboard creator – not intuitive. Some times it creates junk reports. Fails to import some raw csv/tables from the web pages Cannot share databases in free account- should upgrade to premium account Very few visualization methods available: no time- flow/maps, etc Many features are limited to few trials in the free account.
  10. 10. References and online help https://reports.wiki.zoho.com/ http://zohoreportoutput.blogspot.in/ http://oorjavgsom.blogspot.in/ http://zohoreportsvgsom.blogspot.in/ www.twittersave.tk
  11. 11. Thank you