Right to vote


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Right to vote

  1. 1. “Awareness On Right to VOTE”Ahmedabad, 14 December 2012: The students of NIMCJ participated in a campaign organized by thecollege, to make people of the Ahmedabad, aware about their voting rights and also, to get a big turnoutof voters for the second phase of voting going to be held on Monday, 17th Dec 2012.The students campaigned in the Navrangpura area covering different institutions and professions, suchas colleges, coffee shops, cloths & grocery stores, rickshaw drivers, pan walal’s, cobblers, people at busstops and outside society, people walking on the road etc. they spread this word amongst youngsters,middle and old age people.Students were targets of questions ranging from: Why this campaign? Whom they should vote for? Howthey should vote? etc. Some people being first time voters asked about why they should vote while onthe other side some asked about the process of voting. Therefore we inform from the above that: Yes we should VOTE!!!!!!!!