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HAC PPT - June 2018


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HAC PPT - June 2018

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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HAC PPT - June 2018

  1. 1. Who are we? NGO founded in Hyderabad in June 2010 We are tied up with children’s hospitals who call us when parents have no funds We pay for the treatment of critically ill children especially newborns 450+ babies saved so far! Average cost of each case Rs.1.5 lakhs
  2. 2. Goodwill Ambassador Mahesh Babu
  3. 3. Goodwill Ambassador Diana Hayden
  4. 4. The facts ‐ India 10 LAKH+ CHILDREN IN INDIA DON’T MAKE IT TO THEIR 1ST BIRTHDAY. Why we exist ? 10 Lakh+ 28% OF MEDICAL PROBLEMS IN RURAL INDIA GO COMPLETELY UNTREATED. 28% ONLY 10% OF INDIANS HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE. 10% Healthcare woes extend across the socio‐economic spectrum.
  5. 5. Call for Assistance Hospitals contact us  with a case that  needs assistance. HAC Doctors evaluate &  validate the case within 4     hours. Trustees  then  vote in favor. Case Evaluation & Vote Hospital Intimated Hospital in informed  that HAC will bear the  costs for the case. Child Treated The child is treated & an HAC Trustee goes for discharge. HAC clears  the bill. How do  we work?
  6. 6. Rs.7.3 Crore +  raised in donations  450 babies saved at an average   cost of Rs.1.5 lakh/ child 393 FREE  doctor check ups for 3153 children aged 0‐6 years old at  orphanages in Hyderabad MEDICAL CAMPS at Siddapuram  800+ children aged 0‐14 were provided with general  medical, dental, ENT & eye checkups 1 or 2 Liver Transplant & Kidney Transplant  Cases per year 8 years of Heal-a-Child!
  7. 7. Our Hospital Partners We work with hospitals across the city and cases come from many hospitals. The above are where we receive a 45% discount on cases.
  8. 8. o Novotel HICC o Taj Krishna Hyderabad o The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace Our CSR Partners SPONSORS FOR EVENTS: CORPORATE PARTNERS: VENUE & FnB PARTNERS: o Budweiser o Pernord Ricard Group o Tonique o UB group BEVERAGE PARTNER: o Apollo Cradle o Bounce Salon o Centro o Cotton World o Lycos (previous Ybrant Digital) o Mahavir Auto Group o Malik Aircon Private Limited o Mosaica International School o Oliva o RBL o Shobha Asar Jewellery o Silk Air o Yupp TV o Y - Axis o American Oncology Institute o Continental coffee o D E Shaw & Co o DQ Entertainment o Gold Fish o Karvy Group o Knoah Solutions Pvt Ltd., o Sage o Sanskriti o State Bank of India o The Future Kids School o Traditions o United Health Group, India o Vardhaman College
  9. 9. Annual Signature Events Costume Party: Pre-Summer Fashion Show: Pre-Diwali Black Tie: Pre-Xmas
  10. 10. At Taj Krishna & Novotel - Pre-Diwali 1000+ Guests Fashion Show
  11. 11. 200+ Guests Black Tie
  12. 12. 500+ Guests Costume Party
  13. 13. The Westin Golf Challenge with Jaguar November 2012 October 2013 November 2014 November 2015 November 2016
  14. 14. Funds Utilization
  15. 15. Name: Baby of Kalyani Case Summary: Respiratory Distress, MRSA Sepsis HAC Funded:  Rs.1,00,000  Name:  Master Nishant Case Summary : Guillian ‐ Barre Syndrome HAC Funded:  Rs. 1,50,000 Name:  Baby of Umadevi Case Summary : Preterm, low birth  weight, respiratory distress HAC Funded:  Rs. 1,00,000
  16. 16. Name: Baby of Vandana Rathod Case Summary : Gross hydronephrosis with posterior urethral valve HAC Funded : Rs.57,675 Name: Baby of Ananthalakshmi Case Summary: Prematurity, low  birth weight, Respiratory Distress HAC Funded:  Rs.1,70,000 Name: Master Samarth Kakade Case Summary: Congenital Heart  Disease in neonatal life HAC Funded: Rs.75,000
  17. 17. Name: Baby of Vijayalakshmi Case Summary: Preterm, Respiratory distress syndrome HAC Funded: Rs.75,000 Name: Baby of Jyothi Case Summary : Respiratory Distress,  Severe bilateral Pneumonia HAC Funded: Rs.1,25,000 Name: Baby of Susila Case Summary: Respiratory Distress HAC Funded: Rs.50,000
  18. 18. Name:  Baby of Neelam Case Summary: Acute Bronchopneumonia  HAC Funded: Rs.50,000 Name: Twin Babies of Srilatha Case Summary: Prematurity, Very low birth weight HAC Funded:  Rs.2,50,000 Name:  Master Mirza Mohammed Case Summary : Prematurity, Very low birth weight HAC Funded: Rs.1,30,000 Name: Baby of Sonam Priyanka Case Summary: Prematurity, E low birth weight HAC Funded: Rs.2,00,000
  19. 19. Patronize  our events  How to Support Us ? Donations  Support  a child  Promote your  brand / company  All donations are tax exempt under 80G. 
  20. 20. CSR Partnerships • All donations are exempt from tax under  Section 80G  • HAC raises funds through partnership with  companies under their Corporate Social  Responsibility Program 
  21. 21. Makes ‘Business sense’ This event is designed to provide you an opportunity to promote your brand /  organization to a forum of High Net worth Individuals. Sponsoring an event with HAC Brand association with HAC demonstrates social responsibility, thereby increasing  your Brand equity. Opportunity to showcase/ build awareness of your products & services to senior  management professionals and business owners. On the whole the Event offers: • Tactical benefit by positively impacting your Sales in the near future. • Strategic long term benefit by positively impacting your Brand Equity.
  22. 22. HAC has minimum/ nil overheads:  • All Event Administration/ Management costs of HAC are absorbed by the  Members themselves. NO member’s expense is deducted from the funds  raised. • Only third party costs incurred to organize the event are deducted from the  funds raised and every rupee in profit is directly contributed in saving a child.  • So the highest possible percentage of your donation will actually reach the  social cause. Makes ‘Social Sense’ Sponsoring an event with HAC Saving a LIFE is a BASIC & CRITICAL Social cause.
  23. 23. The team does not take any salary from the foundation. All funds raised  go completely to the trust for the cause. The Team Anil Kumar Executive Director Vice President, Times of India Group of Publication (Retd.) Rachna Mehta  Executive Director Entrepreneur  Sabina Xavier Executive Director & Founder Chief Operating Officer, Y‐Axis Dr. Jayesh Ranjan Trustee Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Principal Secretary of I&C, IT Dept. of the Telangana Govt. Caroline Bradshaw Trustee Director, Y‐Axis Yashwant Jhabak Trustee Founder & Chairman, Mahavir Group Dr. Oli Tooher Hancock Trustee Head of School – International School of Hyderabad. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Chirla Trustee Director of Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care,  RAINBOW Children's Hospital, Hyderabad Dr. Kiran Krishnamurthy Trustee Consultant Pediatrician, Andromeda Dr. G. Pramod Trustee Director and Head Neonatal Services Fernandez Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Hyderguda, Hyderabad. Priyankaa Vir Committee Member   Media & Theatre Professional Bindu G Naidu Committee Member Advocate Arun Pillai  Associate Director, KPMG 
  24. 24. THANK YOU!