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Community Leader Orientation Presentation


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Community Leader Orientation Presentation

  1. 1. Sharswood/Blumberg Choice Neighborhoods COMMUNITY LEADERS ORIENTATION| MAY21,2014 SHARSWOOD TOWNHOUSE 1425 N. 23RD STREET PHILADELPHIA , PA 19121
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda 1. Welcome & Introductions – (Garlen Capita, WRT) 2. Overview of Choice Neighborhoods Program – (Brian Traylor, WRT) 3. Project Background – (Garlen Capita, WRT) 4. Role and Responsibilities of Community Leaders – (Lorna Peterson, TECDC) 5. Requirements to participate in the training program – (Garlen Capita, WRT) 6. Overview of Multi-day training – ( Lorna Peterson, TECDC) • Schedule - (3 hrs.) 5:00pm-8:30pm with dinner or lunch by Center for Culinary Enterprises • Location:TBD • Food: Center for Culinary Enterprises • Need 15-30 community leaders to sign-up 7. Sign-up & Intake Sheet Sharswood/Blumberg Choice  Neighborhoods  Community Leaders Orientation
  3. 3. Welcome & Introductions • Choice NeighborhoodsTeam • PHA – CNI Grantee & Responsible for Housing Implementation • WRT – Planning Coordinator,Architects, Planners, Urban Designers • Partnering Agencies & Organizations • Residents of Blumberg and Sharswood • Neighborhood-based organizations • The Enterprise Center – leading community leaders training
  4. 4. Overview of Choice Neighborhoods Program
  5. 5. Choice Neighborhoods Program Goals 1. Housing - Transform distressed public housing into energy efficient, mixed- income, and affordable housing 2. Neighborhood - Transform neighborhoods of poverty into viable, safe, well- functioning communities with access to high quality public schools, services, public assets, transportation, and improved access to jobs 3. People - Ensure that families within the target developments and surrounding neighborhood have opportunities for improved health, safety, employment, and education
  6. 6. Planning Grant Implementation Grant Up to $500,000 competitive grants to develop a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy, or Transformation Plan FY 2010-2013 HUD has awarded 56 grants totaling $16,924,000 Up to $30million competitive grants to support transformation activities: Development, rehab, new construction Neighborhood Supportive Services FY 2010-2012 HUD has awarded 9 grants totaling $231,250,000 Choice Neighborhoods Grant
  7. 7. Potential Partners and Focus Areas People Plan Neighborhood PlanHousing Plan • Blumberg Resident Council • Haven Peniel Development Corporation • Michaels Development Company • Office of Housing & Community Development • Philadelphia Housing Authority • Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation • Brewerytown/Sharswood Community Civic Association • Brown’s Super Stores • Commerce Dept • Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation • Girard College • Mayor’s Office of Grants • Mayor’s Office of Sustainability • Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities • Philadelphia Commerce Department • Philadelphia Horticultural Society • Beech Companies/Beech Interplex • Blumberg Resident Council • Marathon Farms • Philadelphia Corporation for Aging • Philadelphia Department of Public Health • Philadelphia Health Management Corporation (PHMC) • Philadelphia Police Department • Philadelphia Works Inc. • Philadelphia Youth Network • Philadelphia Youth Violence Prevention Collaborative • Philly SEEDS Inc. • Project HOME • Resident Advisory Board • School District of Philadelphia
  8. 8. HousingHousing 3a. Education 3a. Education 3b. Health & Wellness 3b. Health & Wellness 3c. Community Safety 3c. Community Safety 3d. Quality of Life/Supportive Services 3d. Quality of Life/Supportive Services Neighborhood Economic Development Neighborhood Economic Development PeoplePeople PlanningCoordinator Architecture,Planning&UrbanDesignServices (WRT) CNI Grantee Lead Applicant Philadelphia Housing Authority 1 2 3 Sharswood/Blumberg Choice Neighborhoods Program Goals Resident & Stakeholder Engagement
  9. 9. Sharswood/Blumberg Choice Big Picture Process 1. Analysis & Needs Assessment (Spring 2014) 2. Stakeholder Engagement & Capacity Building (Entire 2 years) 3. Develop Strategies/Solutions working with Task Force (Spring and Summer 2014) 4. Develop Draft Transformation Plan (Fall 2014) 5. Develop Final Transformation Plan (Spring 2015) 6. Seek Funding for Implementation 7. Start Implementing Strategies – Measure Progress Schedule • 2-year planning process
  10. 10. Capacity Building Strengthen ability for residents and stakeholders to lead neighborhood revitalization activities and benefit from neighborhood transformation. Transformation Planning Process ◦ Direct investments ◦ Demonstrate partnership commitment to address challenges ◦ Utilize data to set and monitor progress toward implementation goals ◦ Engage community stakeholders and residents in meaningful decision-making roles
  11. 11. Housing ◦ The redevelopment of the Norman Blumberg is essential to the overall revitalization of the neighborhood ◦ The abundance of vacant lots provides an opportunity for infill housing to rebuild the neighborhood fabric and create additional amenities Neighborhood ◦ Opportunity to leverage existing (Girard College) and new assets (Cecil B. Moore Homeownership Zone ,Project Home Wellness Center) to attract new investment and rebuild the Ridge Avenue Commercial Corridor People ◦ Build on the City’s Shared Prosperity, Place Based focus on 22nd Police District
  12. 12. Project Background
  13. 13. Planning Area: Demographic Snapshot Population • 5,173 residents (1,310 are at Blumberg site) • 1,887 households Households • Homeowners = 25.81% (487) • Rental =74.19% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Sharswood/ Blumberg City Percent Households by Income
  14. 14. Planning Area: Demographic Snapshot Ethnicity: 2.47% Hispanic 88.09% 6.94% 3.05% 1.2% Race African American White Two or More Races Others (Asian, American Indian,  Alaskan Native) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Percent of People in Age Group Percent of People in Age Group • 45% Single Female with Children (Compared to 20% Citywide) • 38% Youth population
  15. 15. Sharswood Choice Boundary Lower North District Boundary
  16. 16. CNIPlanningAreaAssets Sharswood/Blumberg: (Planning Grant) 5,825 Population (2010 Census) 228 Acres (0.35 Sq. mi)
  17. 17. Focus Area/Ridge Avenue
  18. 18. NormanBlumbergApartments 8-acre site 510 Total units 482 Occupied Units Senior Tower (96) Low-rise Apartments (108 units) Judson Tower Hemberger Tower Existing Church Basketball Courts Towers= 306 Units
  19. 19. Community Leaders How will the model work here: •Identify 15‐20   neighborhood residents  to participate in the first  Group. This includes  current and emerging  leaders. •Identify 1‐2 on the  ground Team Captains •Short application •Confirm Availability Identify Community  Leaders: Group 1 •10 modules: 1)Effective Communication 2) Customer Service 3) Problem Solving 4) Community Awareness and 5) Service Leadership. June‐July 2014 Conduct Training •Summer 2014 •Community Surveys •Lead small group “Community  Conversations”  to provide  input into planning process •Present community interests at  public meetings Conduct Service  Project: Community‐ Surveys •First group of leaders to  help identify additional  community leaders Training of  Community Leaders  Group 2 •Lead community  cleanups, gardens,  festivals, block parties,  lunch & learns, field trips  and other activities that  build social cohesion Lead Summer and  Fall Service Projects
  20. 20. Community Leaders The Enterprise Center Community Development Corporation