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Life Is Strange review


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Life Is Strange review

  1. 1. Life Is Strange: PlayStation 3 Sharriek R Williamson Life is strange is a unique episodic take on interactive story telling from SquareEnix and Dontnod. In a world of quick time events and possibly meaningful dialogue, we encounter a change through the viewfinder of Max Caulfield. (Yes Caulfield) An 18-year-old high school senior starting an exciting new year at a specialty boarding school called Hogwa… Blackwell academy. Where indie teen drama and cliquey relationships are the norm and plot twists are absolute. Remember high school? Remember the great fear of death? Ever miss the twists of conspiracy and time travel? Agreed. Absolutely nothing like high school as I remember it, but in the sleepy somewhat dystopian city of Arcadia Bay, Oregon “time is bunk”. No advance alien race or cliché minutes to midnight here, just a human time machine, a death prone punk rocker and a cast of diverse yet remember able characters. The scope of the game is relatable and important, without the fluff of trying to fit in. The plus and perils of being a teen, finding yourself, friends, inclusive relationships, corruption, right, wrong and mental Illnesses. The story does a great job painting a vivid dynamic picture of these complex and common issues and has a hopeful but realistic ring to them. The environments are all colorful and immersive birthed from the Unreal engine, everything looks not just fair but actually interesting. I spent a good decent amount of time in between my journey just exploring the although limited but fulfilling areas, talking to folks, snapping the “optional photos” and touching every button. That being said, this is a linear adventure boys and girls and with that most will grow tired of the small play area and lust for expansion. However, if the recent trend of styled interactive games suit you life is strange will be a welcome addition. It’s always interesting tailoring choices, and dialogue to fit my personal version of Max And not be too far hindered but cloudy mechanics or too many right wrong answers. The experience is so rich and summer indie feeling, it’s comfortable to play and get immersed. If you want a good experience with great voice acting, vibrant interesting environment, cool characters and ample choices and great story this should be yours. Available now in a collector’s edition, individual episodes or a season pass on major consoles. Live. Love. Arcadia Bay.