Breaking evaluation final draft


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Breaking evaluation final draft

  1. 1. Film opening evaluation
  2. 2.  My film title “Breaking” is conventional as it sounds like it involves something or someone, and that it will need fixing. In the films I looked at the convention of the opening of the film seemed to be outside or close enough to outside. The opening credits conventionally took place while the protagonist was moving from one place to another. Even though in the story of my film, the protagonist is not going to move house, she is still walking from one place to another implying progression along with the music that was always present at the start during the opening credits. I challenged the very opening as there is not usually a scene where the protagonist is actually talking to another character before the opening credits. If this happens then the opening credits are usually over the top of this scene with the music, or the protagonist will have a voice over. In Twilight (2008) there was a voice over of the protagonist in the opening and it is used often in other teen films. However in my research in the film genre of pure teen romantic drama a voice over was not used and so I challenged this. It gets the audience to feel closer to the character as she is talking directly to them and therefore would create sympathy. The opening scene with the other girls pushing the protagonist around and acting harsh towards her meant that it was important that she had sympathy.
  3. 3.  It is suggested that this film would be a dramatic teen romance as in the beginning the protagonist is talking to what appears to be her lover and throughout it is made clear to the audience that she has lost him and wants to get him back. She says in the voice over “I‟m going to get him back.” which implies the rest of the film will be about her trying to do this. It is a dramatic opening and the title also gives connotations of drama. The whole sequence is quite serious with the antagonists being cold and harsh towards the protagonist. All of the cast are made up of teenagers and so it will be a teen film. This is all conventional of a romantic teen drama. In teen films the settings are conventionally places where a teenager normally goes during the day – their house, school, their friends houses e.t.c In the beginning I did have an opening scene set at the protagonists house and having the setting outside the front of some shops by a main road where there was significant space for teenagers to hang around. I thought this would be quite dark and because of all the grey concrete around it would have a gloomy impression, reflecting the genre.
  4. 4.  The costumes are stereotypical of what teenagers normally wear. The antagonists wore heavy make up and tight, slightly revealing clothing which is conventional for antagonist teen girls. The protagonist wears more loose clothing and natural make up to make her contrast with the antagonists, which is conventional for the protagonist to make her stand out.  The camera shots are conventionally stable with a mixture of shots containing camera movement. I have conventionally used a range of different shot types. At the start there is a tracking low angle shot which is often used in teen romance dramas such as the beginning of A walk to Remember (2002).  The transitions are conventional with some fade through blacks and how the opening credits each fade in and out. Dark lighting is used in my film opening which is conventional for a teen drama – Remember me (2010) opens with dark lighting to set the mood.Remember me (2010)
  5. 5. I was aiming to represent modern teenagers. The castwore casual up-to-date fashion clothes. The antagonistswere in a large group, ganging up on theprotagonist, with the protagonist being by herself. Imade sure that there was always at least 2 antagonistsin a shot where they would appear, with the protagonistin shots on her own which made them moreintimidating. Long shots give a lot of space around the protagonist making her look smaller – representing how she feels – insignificant, as well as showing her strange behaviour in the same shot.
  6. 6.  StudioCanal UK might distribute my film. They are formerly known as Optimum Releasing and work in the UK with their headquarters in London. They distribute films including British independent dramas such as Cracks (2009). The reasons why they might distribute my film is because my film would be a British Independent and also a drama. A film institution that may distribute my film is The UK film council, which say on their website that they want to distribute “non- mainstream films more widely available to cinema audiences”. They distributed British independent films such as The King‟s Speech (2011), however that was the last film they distributed before they were abolished during that year. My film would be non-mainstream and a British independent film. Another institution, Momentum pictures, which is one of the leading independent UK and Ireland distributors, may distribute my film. They release approximately 20 films a year which include many dramas such as the teen drama Dear John (2010). They distribute independent British films – which is what my film would be – such as The King’s Speech (2011). In February 2010 they won 8 BAFTA awards which is more than any other UK distributor. They may distribute my film because it would be a British Independent drama.
  7. 7. I have targeted my film towards teenagers between 13 and16. The cast is all around the age of 16 and in my audienceresearch no one said they were interested in watching a filmwhere the protagonists were younger than their own age.Due to the themes, content and moderate language thatwould be included later on in the film the product wouldprobably be given a certificate of 12 and so the audience isslightly restricted. I aimed at females as the main characteris a girl and so easier for them to relate.
  8. 8. The beginning was mysterious as the protagonist is seen carrying outstrange actions such as cleaning out a glass several times, making it appearconfusing to the audience. The antagonists are abusive towards theprotagonist which addresses some of the audience as bullying is quitecommon in teenagers causing my film opening to be more relatable. Theclothing, age and activities – hanging out – is appropriate for the socialgroup and so the audience can relate to the characters. I tried to beoriginal in my plot so the audience would be more attracted to watch thefilm as it will be something different.
  9. 9.  Having used Sony Vegas Pro 10 before, I was already quite adept at using the software, however I did not use a lot of effects, focusing more on transitions and what was going on in the scene. During the process of constructing my final product, I decided to experiment with some effects, especially for the title, finding out that I could create linear rays and do anything that I wanted with them. I also enlarged the tracking of the title to make the letters more spread out which was an effect used in Remember Me (2010). I also stretched the letters vertically and made it look like a transition. I changed the brightness and contrast of every shot to convey the mood which was quite dark, making sure that it was even darker when the antagonists were involved. I currently have my own blog, although I have never used it for uploading videos or writing long post before.
  10. 10.  I have learnt a lot more about how important it is to plan. When I filmed videos before I would usually improvise most of the time and think about what would look good and what I could use in the moment. For this task I had to plan ahead. I would definitely like to improve on this as when I did not plan ahead enough the result was poor quality footage with significant background noise, audible through transitions which was too difficult to edit out. I have learnt more about the grammar of filming and the conventions of film openings. I had never broken down each individual aspect of film openings before, mainly going with what I thought „looked right‟. In my preliminary task, the opening shot was there because at the time I thought it looked right, even though I hadn‟t actually thought about what the meaning or importance of it was.