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Creating Highly Expandable Content with Minimal Overhead

8 Tips How to Expand and Place Content - Morph Content with Panache!

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Creating Highly Expandable Content with Minimal Overhead

  2. 2. Who we are & why are we qualified to head todays session:  Specialist UK & German based agencies with niche content creation skills in virtualisation, security, storage
  3. 3. The Marketing Mix: More Morphed than Ever:  PR and Content Marketing are Converging  Vendor-Driven Content Dominates the Media  Press releases have become the news  Contributed articles and thought leadership receive greater attention  Sponsored content is everywhere  Analyst reports and columns are largely vendor-influenced  Content is King  Tells your story of differentiation and expertise louder than all others  Signifies your leadership  Drives SEO, community building and LEADS  Social Media Drives Instant Visibility
  4. 4. 5 Takeaways Why Content is King: 1. Content makes you the “expert” – as the educator, your brand builds the “expert” clout that drives sales 2. Content uncovers new prospects – content will help you uncover new prospects you may not have ever reached before 3. Content grows SEO and Web traffic – content is king with Google, high volume and high value content will increase your SERP and SEO rankings 4. Content builds social media followers and community brand– the more you inform, the more you become a trusted source to follow and share 5. Content drives business, new and old – content is the ideal way to attract new customers and expands sales into existing customers
  5. 5. How and where can you achieve greatest share of voice with minimal outlay in EMEA? Todays Session Covers: How to create compelling marketing content that stands out from the crowd How to morph the content Where can you place content to create maximum noise
  6. 6. Back to your No 1 Proof Point & Source of All Credible Content - Your Customers!  Call them after 6 months of usage  Run through and catalogue the install  Identify top 3 instances where you have created value that sets you apart from other partners  Draft and standard format – Customer Overview, Solution, Business Benefits, Futures and Why You Are Different Top Tips:  Employ a freelance writer who also writes regularly for a single publishing house  Ask the vendor for usage of their PR Machine  Best Partner Customer Installs are Problem Installs Come Good – Capture the Entire Journey
  7. 7. Morph that Content: 8 Pointers for Expandable Content that Stretches across Multiple Vehicles: 1 Case Study = Aggregator for Multiple Touch Points 1. Press Release = Column CMs in Top Publications 2. Create collateral PDF sales tool & update website 3. End User Project Awards – Trophies, Independent endorsements 4. Reference Multiple Case Studies in same pain/vertical – Combine to a ‘Practical Considerations Document’ 5. Suggest Video Case Study (funded by the vendor marketing programme) 6. Populate social media communities – Tweets, LinkedIn, SpiceWorks 7. Blog the Customer Experience 8. Reward the Customer with Advocate VIP Status – 1. Voice of the Customer – Meet Online Events 2. Chair for Breakfast Briefing –Meet in Person Events
  8. 8. Morph Content with Panache: Customers Can Take You Places!
  9. 9. Place & Drive Leads from Content:  Post into Peer to Peer Community Sites – LinkedIn, SpiceWorks  Run Content Syndication Campaigns – UK TechTarget & Incisive  Run Voice of Customer online events to wider audience – BrightTalk in UK  Record Online Event and offer as links within push vertical eshots
  10. 10. Sharon Munday – Tina Billo – Good Luck!