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  • MW – online community that makes it safe and easy for young people to share their work with a real audience of international schools. Safe facebook. BBC – how engage tech savvy young people when the tech they love to use to communicate is often blocked when they come in to school. BBC featured MW as [art of this answer. Idea is that MW taps in to these technologies, it is a community where young people can express themselves, share videos and stories they create, build up a profile and leave comments and feedback for each other but all in a safe and moderated community. We have a scheme called Safe which supports you to enable children to learn how to behave responsibly online. One school that went through the safe certificate said that their children learned not only how to behave safely and appropriately online but how to project a positive image online, leave a ‘smiling’ comment and establish connections with other children across the gloabe in a rewarding way for learning. USA – 80% of exmployers now google candidates for jobs before looking at their CVs to decide whether to take their application for a position further – looking for a positive digital footprint.
    Add in video – Matt’s video and ukulele video
  • There is a Makewaves app that makes uploading from iPads / iPods simple
  • From across over 40 countries. This is an example of one school’s site.
    British school in Rio has recently joined the community – case study and feedback. They have made specific links with schools in the UK as well as using the general MW community to give their pupils a real global audience.
  • Each young person on Makewaves has their own profile page that they control. This can also become an eportfolio for their work, an online CV, especially when combined with Digital Badges they have earned and display through Makewaves.
  • Unfortunately Cathy is unable to join us in person today. However, she has written up a report and answered some questions based on their first beginnings with Makewaves as a British International school.
  • Reference Cathy’s case study. With NVPS they are comparing mini beasts from each of their communities. They have also been using badges – digital badges are something that have been developed over the last year and a half on Makeaves and have had an extremely interesting effect for learners and the schools within our community.
  • Badges are something new to Makewaves and they have had a surprising effect. Has anyone heard of Open Badges? A format developed by Mozilla (firefox). Recognise and reward achievement and learningthat happens in all sorts of places..
  • Exanple – office of Gordon & Sarah Brown
  • Why Open Badges are different. The data they carry about how the young person has earned them, From Mozilla , Based on gaming incentives.
  • Badges on students’ pages, in members’ newsfeed and in public library. Evidence unique to their own activity.
  • Why Open Badges are different. The data they carry about how the young person has earned them, From Mozilla , Based on gaming incentives.
  • Badges created by partners and by other schools can be found in the public badge library on Makewaves. This is just a snapshot of that. Learner-led. Schools – track achievement and all types of learning & engagement.
  • Evidence can be rich media – social media tools of Makewaves,
  • Young oeople can se which members have chosen to take a badge. Mexican wave effect. Young people are notified when a friend / clasmate earns a badge. Quality not quantity.
  • Teachers receive the evidence and award a badge. Also the option for Makewaves to award based on specfic criteria or a project partner can manage this process.
  • Makewaves workshop cobis

    1. 1. The Social Media Platform for Schools “At the forefront of educationsocial networks” The Guardian BETT winner 2012 Finalist 2014
    2. 2. safe social learning An international platform for young people to find exciting challenges, connect with others and build a digital record of their achievements through badges.
    3. 3. Each school creates a safe social site Vital stats 4,500 Schools 75,000 Students 10,000 Teachers
    4. 4. British School Rio • Audience Increased motivational levels of the children. Enthuse pupils by providing a safe environment within which they can publish their work to a real audience. • Rio meets NVPS Increased attentiveness in their use of written English when communicating with their English partners • Badges The badges are a great way to motivate and focus students. Twice I asked the class if they were ok because I had never seen them so focused and quiet before! certainly seems to be a powerful way of engaging, motivating, focusing and getting the best from all learners.
    5. 5. Competition Winner Only UK Badge platform 53,000 badges awarded since Jan 2013 26,000 students have earned a badge from over 1,400 schools
    6. 6. Malala Day Campaign
    7. 7. Badge Anatomy
    8. 8. Badge Club Students love to discover and earn badges and help each other ‘One of the biggest impacts we have seen is the eagerness of children to get involved and try something new.’ Matt Rogers, Teacher
    9. 9. Badge Anatomy
    10. 10. Badge Library
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Computing at School Magazine, SwitchedOn
    13. 13. Wide range of badges • Health • Global Citizens • ICT • Literacy • Numeracy • Languages • Eco Schools • Lifelong learning • Employability • Hobbies
    14. 14. A wider range of pupils are completing work at home in their own time. Our pupils are excited and talk about how many badges they have on a daily basis. They are an amazing motivational tool. St Pauls Primary Badges are a great way of focusing pupils on a task or of lending credibility. Furthermore it is a great way to assess and evidence pupils' progress. Jason Bromfield Music Teacher The Badge System is great! I can now set students multiple tasks and monitor the work at a glance Shireland Collegiate Academy What Teachers say
    15. 15. A teacher’s point of view
    16. 16. Have a go Choice of activities: •Create a media blog via the app •Develop your own badge idea •Design your own badge or avatar
    17. 17. Sharon Middleton Director 07908 403521 @SharonMakewaves
    18. 18. What is a Badge? v=gpP0MvKF3Gs&
    19. 19. Makewaves & Mozilla
    20. 20. Badge the UK