Little Yellow Duck and Lion King - By Galorian


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Little Yellow Duck and Lion King

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Little Yellow Duck and Lion King - By Galorian

  1. 1. Written by: Galorian Illustrated by: Zhao An
  2. 2. ‘One day the bad spirits of the forest wished to challenge the forest’s Goddess so they told her...
  3. 3. ‘You are so fond of Lion King, thinking that he is so smart and kind, let us challenge him on a minds battle against someone who is smaller and younger and see who wins.’
  4. 4. ‘No one can challenge King Lion,’ said the Forest’s Goddess. ‘Someone like little Yellow Duck can, 'replied the bad spirits.
  5. 5. The bad spirits added, ‘if we win then Lion King goes to exile and if he wins then Yellow Duck will be fed to the Crocodiles and we will leave the forest forever and ever. All we ask is for Yellow Duck to have a smart phone and to be the first to answer the 3 questions, without them hearing each other’s answers.
  6. 6. ‘I don’t know what was it that convinced the forest Goddess to accept the challenge but she did and the game was on.’
  7. 7. Knowing that Lion King didn’t wear a watch or had a smart phone, the first question that the bad spirits asked: What time it is now? What time is it now? 9:32:12 CST Yellow Duck checked the internet and replied: The time is exactly 9:32:12 CST (China Standard Time) UTC/GMT +8 hours.
  8. 8. Correct!Next question is... Little Yellow Duck checked the internet and replied at once what is the distance from here to the Sun?
  9. 9. Correct! Replied the bad spirits a big smile on their faces
  10. 10. Yellow Duck checked the internet and replied right away
  11. 11. The time is NOW! What time is it now? ‘Correct!Now it is Lion King turn’s 。’
  12. 12. What is the distance from here to the Sun? ‘Correct! Next question is,’ The distance from here to the Sun is same as from the Sun to here.
  13. 13. Correct ! Next question is, MC2 = ? MC2 = L
  14. 14. L? What do you mean by that?
  15. 15. ‘L is Love and it is the strongest form of energy, because it multiplies the best we have; and I am willing to go to exile if it is to make sure that little Yellow Duck will not be eaten by the crocodiles.’ L is Love...
  16. 16. ‘Love unfolds and reveals. For love we live and die. Love is God and God is Love,’ added the forest’s Goddess.
  17. 17. ‘Now it was the forest’s goddess to wear a big smile on her face, ‘I told you, you see, you lost bad spirits, and now both King Lion and Yellow Duck win and you go away from here NOW and burn in the sun.’
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