Fix This Family-Relationship Mediation


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Rediscover Peace and Productivity with Mediation
Family—From Conflict to Communication

Families in crisis need help now—before relationships are damaged beyond repair. I offer family mediation to help couples, parents and children, step-families and adult siblings develop creative solutions that increase communication, understanding and trust.

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Fix This Family-Relationship Mediation

  1. 1. Mediation Heal Your Relationship
  2. 2. Conflict occurs in every relationship
  3. 3. Unresolved relationship conflict is increasingly destructive
  4. 4. Relationships in turmoil need help NOW... Before relationships are destroyed beyond repair.
  5. 5. He doesn’t care She is done trying We’ve dealt with this long enough...
  6. 6. When the stakes are this high, what is the best support that can be offered?
  7. 7. Counseling takes a long time to understand the issue. Brian shared his frustration with counseling: “I have been to counselors several times to try and work things out with my spouse but counseling never yielded any fruit for me—they were always more focused on my past than on the present and what the problem is now. They always wanted me to talk about my childhood, parents, upbringing…what happened to you that was so devastating and what made you the way you are so they can see why you’re having these problems with your partner. Now, that is fine and good, but it is also very expensive, very time-consuming and has never been able to fix the problem we were having at the time.”
  8. 8. There is a practical way to defuse and resolve the situation. Mediation
  9. 9. Mediation begins to resolve relationship issues immediately.
  10. 10. Identify Issues Create Options Reach Agreement Resolve Conflict A BETTER ROAD Mediation
  11. 11. Mediation Rapid Resolution Private and Voluntary Preserves Relationship Solutions Stick Saves Time Saves Money Win/Win A BETTER OUTCOME
  12. 12. The decision to try mediation doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Mediation is a constructive, effective way to begin resolving relationships immediately. Take this quick assessment to see if your relationship or work situation would benefit from mediation. Are we committed to preserving the relationship? ☐ Yes ☐ No Do we insist on being equally involved in the resolution process? ☐ Yes ☐ No Are we struggling with issues we’ve been unable to resolve on our own? ☐ Yes ☐ No Do we want to work things out but don’t want to see a counselor/therapist? ☐ Yes ☐ No Do we need a way to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively? ☐ Yes ☐ No Do we want practical tools to help resolve conflicts in the future? ☐ Yes ☐ No If you answered yes to these questions, mediation may be the answer for you. Participants who answer yes to these questions have high success and satisfaction rates with mediation because they are motivated in the best ways to resolve the conflict. How do I know if mediation is right for us?
  13. 13. Participants are committed to preserving the relationship. They insist on being equally involved in the resolution process. They are struggling with issues they’ve been unable to resolve on their own. They want to work things out. They need a way to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively. They want practical tools to help resolve future conflict. Who Benefits from Mediation?
  14. 14. More from Brian: "We have done the mediation several times now and I am a believer, this is the only way I will handle domestic problems in the future, counselors are a waste of time for me, they just did not work. Mediation is very fair for both parties and with an experienced mediator asking the questions and guiding you through the sessions you can really get all the issues on the table without hurting your spouse's feeling's, which was very important to me. For some reason telling my inner problems and secrets to my wife through Sharon gave me the courage and confidence to tell these things, I knew there would not be a fight or recourse for speaking up because Sharon was able to ask why I felt that way then talk to my wife about what she thought the reason for these things were or why they bothered me, then ultimately help us both come up with ideas and solutions for our ailments. Sharon helped us think outside the box and worked on bringing us back together as a team, I always envisioned in our marriage that it would be us against the kids, we would be the team and they would listen, not the other way around, with mediation we are able to achieve these goals. Things are a work in progress but I can tell you I feel so much better going through mediation sessions and finally being able to say what was on my mind in a constructive way and not in a destructive manor and to finally figuring out some working solutions." Brian G. Keller, TX
  15. 15. Mediator Role A mediator is an neutral third party who is trained to listen to the parties, clarify the parties' positions, issues and interests and facilitate communication to help the participants explore solutions and obtain a mutually satisfying agreement. Mediation Objectives The objective of mediation is for parties in conflict to participate in good faith in a dialogue regarding their dispute, to present their points of view and to explore options for settlement in an effort to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of their dispute.
  16. 16. Sharon Dolak Mediator Mediation for couples, adult children and aging parents, parents and teens, business to business and the workplace.