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  1. 1. Sharon Clayton BA (Hons) FILCM Clerk to Lawley & Overdale Parish Council
  2. 2. ž launched 2003 ž reviewed 2006 ž revised scheme 2008
  3. 3. ž Electoral Mandate ž QualificaFons of the clerk ž Council meeFngs ž CommunicaFon and Community Engagement ž Annual Report ž Accounts ž Code of Conduct ž PromoFng local democracy and ciFzenship ž Terms and condiFons ž Training
  4. 4. ž 75% pre September 2008 ž 66% from 1st September 2008 Total no. of cllrs (council Size) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Two-thirds of total council size 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 8 9 10 10 11 12 12 13 14
  5. 5. ž CerFficate in Local Council AdministraFon (CiLCA) ž CerFficate in Higher EducaFon in Local Policy (University of Gloucestershire)
  6. 6. ž minimum 6 meeFngs per year ž public session ž noFce of meeFng ž published minutes
  7. 7. ž mandatory ž discreFonary
  8. 8. ž website (NEW) – was discreFonary ž email address (NEW) – was discreFonary ž newsleYer ž informaFon available to the public
  9. 9. ž Annual Report ž Parish Plan – community led planning (NEW) ž InformaFon disseminaFon ž Community Engagement Strategy (NEW) ž Web blog or online forum (NEW)
  10. 10. ž Councillors surgery at least 6 Fmes a year ž Consult on planning maYers ž Inform principal authoriFes of PC acFviFes ž Publicise PC acFviFes ž Consult with the electorate on local issues ž Leaflets, brochures
  11. 11. ž Completed and published by 30th June ž Available to any elector ž Available at library and LA ž Councillor and officer details ž Summery accounts ž Chairman’s overview of PC’s achievements
  12. 12. ž Unqualified opinion from external auditor ž Properly prepared, approved and available
  13. 13. ž Adopted Local Code of Conduct ž including secFon 12(2) of the revised Model Code of Conduct
  14. 14. ž Do you undertake acFviFes that acFvely support local democracy or ciFzenship in your area?
  15. 15. ž Councils with a paid clerk must have adopted (as a minimum) the NALC/SLCC Terms and CondiFons agreement ž All staff must have a wriYen contract of employment
  16. 16. ž Has your council evaluated and idenFfied the training needs of both staff and members? ž At re-accreditaFon – Has your council acted upon your previous Statement of Intent on Training?
  17. 17. ž Pride ž Respect ž Benefit to the local community ž OpportuniFes for partnership working
  18. 18. THANK YOU