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Parenting Tips Volume 10


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My goal is to help you help your child know themselves better and learn to be happy with who they are, while helping you achieve happiness in your home through this time of parenting. I understand that parenting children can be a full-time job filled with joy --and at times, a certain amount of frustration. Here are some tips to help!

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Parenting Tips Volume 10

  1. 1. Volume 10 Ballantine Parenting Institute Presents…. Blissful Parenting Tips Speaker | Author | Parenting Coach
  2. 2. Have fun with your parenting journey, and trust that everything is always working out for you.
  3. 3. A successful relationship with your kids starts with you. You have to care of yourself before you can properly take care of anyone else.
  4. 4. Give them the tools, and with practice, they will get better and better at trusting their own intuition.
  5. 5. People who get joy from the little things have an endless pool of happiness.
  6. 6. The best of life is in the little moments. The earlier they can appreciate that, the better off they will be.
  7. 7. Your attitude exudes an energy and that energy exudes vibration, which the people around you pick up on.
  8. 8. Choose to be amused by their quirks, and they will feel free to express themselves.
  9. 9. When kids want something, it’s their natural instinct to go after it.
  10. 10. Foster independence. Your children will figure out what activities feel best to them.
  11. 11. Telling them that you trust them will give them the confidence to make and trust their own choices.
  12. 12. Parenting Coach One of the passions in my life has been parenting my three children. By using my Internal Guidance System in every aspect of my life, I realized that by teaching my children to follow theirs, they stood the best chance of discovering within themselves, their highest path in life.