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  1. 1. Many people are finding it harder to make their credit card payments every month. This is giving many people poor credit ratings. If you find you are in this situation you should think about looking into consolidation loans before your credit gets too bad.western sky
  2. 2. Consolidation loans are loans you take out in order to pay off other debt andonly have one payment a month It is usually a loan with a lower interest ratethan you are currently paying on your credit cards Making the payment on theone loan is much easier as the payment is smaller than if you were paying all
  3. 3. the different payments When you talk to the loan company about theconsolidation loan, see if they have a credit counseling service too
  4. 4. A credit counselor can often lower the amount you have to pay off for each ofyour credit cards They talk to the company on your behalf If there is no creditcounseling available it is a good idea to talk to your creditors yourself If theyunderstand that you are not trying to avoid paying them and will be paying yourdebt in full they may take off some of the interest and late charges
  5. 5. This will make the amount you have to borrow less and lower your paymentsDo not feel embarrassed to look into consolidation loans It is a mature,responsible thing to do You are trying to make good on your debts
  6. 6. This will go a long way with your creditors Big businesses do this type of thingall the time to save money They do it even when they are not struggling to paytheir bills
  7. 7. Many people have gotten a credit card with a lower interest rate and had theirother card balances transferred to the new card to save money This is smartfinancial business It is your responsibility to do all you can to make good onany debt you promised to pay
  8. 8. If you have been laid off from your job this can be hard to do Talk to thepeople you owe money and see what they can do to help you out They wouldrather make some type of arrangements with you to help you pay than notreceive any money at all
  9. 9. Take the steps needed to keep your word Consolidation loans are a goodway to maintain your good name and credit rating You may be able to saveenough money with the one loan that everything will be financially easier onyou
  10. 10. It could be the difference between keeping your home or ending up inforeclosure western sky You will be glad you did the next time you need credit
  11. 11. western sky