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  1. 1. Because generally condition of black hair is dry requires special care from us. The techniquesand tips for promoting healthy black hair growth and minimizing breakage, applied here:grow hair faster
  2. 2. * Stages of washing; with a pH-balanced shampoo you must wash your hairweekly and then massage your scalp while washing, but remember only rinseand wash once * Stages of conditioning; there is two types products ofconditioners, type one is conditioner for protein and the other type isconditioner for moisture The first stage is apply the protein treatment to yourhair and then the second stage apply the moisture treatment, you mustfollowing the instructions and terminates with rinse * Stages of applying theprotein treatment: apply heat with a hooded dryer used medium heat for 15minutes, before that cover your head with a plastic cap * Stages of applyingthe moisture treatment: the stage of applying the moisture treatment grow hairfaster is equal with the stage of applying the protein treatment
  3. 3. * Stages of relaxing: when attempting to relax assess your hair before,choose a mild relaxer if you must relax it and I suggest doesnt do relax to yourhair more than once in a month * Stages of applying the relaxer: Using themanufacturers directions when apply the relaxer Apply the neutralizingshampoo to the hair again when all traces removed of relaxer * Stages ofdaily Maintenance: after rinsing the moisture treatment to combat dryness, tryapplying your oil moisturizer * Stages of hot curling: leave curls undisturbedand always curl hair section by section
  4. 4. * Braids, weaves, and wigs: hair breakage caused by false waves, braidsand even wigs Your hair will become damage when you used the chemicals toyour hair The Myths of Black Hair Growth The myths about black hairgrowth generally are wrong myths We have some myths contributed to blackhair growth lack: * Black women cannot grow her hair: in reality is blackwomen can grow her hair and do grow hair
  5. 5. * Not all women can grow his hair, only mixed women can grow hair, becausemixed women tend to have longer hair, but sometime in reality mixed womenhave a looser curl too * The black hair growth sometimes stops completelyand very slows down This myth comes from the dryness of kinky hair is calledgreasing the scalp myth * This is another myth that comes from the drynessof kinky hair is called dirty hair grows myth
  6. 6. You must know dirty is just dirty, it has doesnt relation with the faster of blackhair growth * The myth about relaxed hair cant grow, because relaxed hair iswill break faster and much weaker than natural hair Nevertheless you mustbelieve, if relaxed of your hair is cultivated and nurtured it will grow as naturalhair, very long and very fast
  7. 7. grow hair faster