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SharonSenate64 Minnesota


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SharonSenate64 Minnesota

  1. 1. Profile Page 1 of 2 2012 LWV Minnesota Voter Guide: Submit Your Responses IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS 1. Compose and save your responses in a word processor first, and then cut and paste them into this form. This will help avoid accidental data loss due to an unreliable internet connection or other technical problems. 2. For questions or problems with this questionnaire, please contact Allison Wagstrom at Profile If any of this information is incorrect, please contact Allison Wagstrom at Name: Sharon Anderson Party: Republican (R) Contacts Email: Contacts Name: Sharon Anderson aka Peterson aka Scarrella Picture To upload a picture, browse to its location on your computer, then click "Upload Picture." Pictures must: be JPEG, JPG or PNG format have a width:height ratio of approximately 2:3 have a file size no larger than 2 MB (2,048 KB) In addition, for maximum effectiveness, your picture should be a closely cropped headshot (i.e., do not use a full-body or group shot). Picture: Remove Picture Biographical Info For each of the following, when entering a list, use commas, not carriage returns, to separate items. Occupation: Retired RealEstateEntreprenuer This field appears just below your name on the ballot. Website: http:// Email Address: Phone: (651) 776-5835 Facebook Page: http:// Twitter Page: http:// Campaign Questions Education HomeTown St.Paul Central Minnesota Homegrown Show optional longer answer for printed guide...;jsessionid=F56B3EDF1F6DC5... 7/2/2012
  2. 2. Profile Page 2 of 2 Occupation Retired RealEstateEntreprenuerVA Widow_Whistleblow Show optional longer answer for printed guide... Why are you seeking this office? _sharonscarrellaanderson_lawless-america/ (1) Expose Bizzare Committments, Separate Health Care of alleged Mentally Ill, Close down St.Peter, Brainard Hospitals as ineffective, overly burdensome to the Tax Paying Public. Health,Housing Reforms now that ObamaCare is ObamaTaxes. (2) Expose Judicial Malpractice acting in concort with any/alL Lawyers,ABOLISH SCAP What services should state government provide and how should those services be funded? Less Government is best Judicial Accountability How can Minnesota improve its business climate and create more jobs? Techinally with ObamaCareTaxes Were in the Tank. Due Process is denied to the Public Outsourcing Medical and PC Tech Support ie: Comcast Cable to Phillipines, Dell of Texas TechSupport Phillipines and MN Supreme Court outsourcing to Tyler Tech of Texas. Minnesota is a Sanctuary State, We must Employ our own instead of outsourcing. How would you work to protect Minnesota’s natural resources? I have a Rain Garden its a simnple start, To conserve Water the St.Paul Corrupt Ponzi Schemes shut my Water Off. Wilful Court neglience to Steal Propertys ie: Aitkin Co. makes deals with Gravel Pit, Overbuilding on Buck Lake etc. Flushing Toilets are not Natures way of eliminating Wastes St.Paul Central Corridor in time will prove to be a Natural Disater, Look at Duluth Floods. What is the state’s role in funding education? Let the State controll the Schools take the Tax Burden away from the Homeowners. Disparate Impact of Seniors vs. Children. Local Government, Townships,municipalitys are out of control. Spend,Spend,Spend Tax,Tax,Tax Let the Lawyers stand in Food Lines. Finished? Click "Preview" to proceed. Preview Need help? Read the candidate response FAQ. Powered by e.thePeople Still having trouble? Please email Allison Wagstrom at;jsessionid=F56B3EDF1F6DC5... 7/2/2012