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Sharon4 seniorswardii 17oct2011


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Sharon4 seniorswardii 17oct2011

  1. 1. Page 1 of 6Subj: Sharon4Seniors_Ward2_Homeowners_8Nov2011Date: 10/21/2011 2:51:59 P.M. Central Daylight TimeFrom: Sharon4Anderson@aol.comTo: Sharon4Anderson@aol.comCC:,,,,, Mon. 17Oct2011 id=220627490&sfr=1314342128207 My Ballot Thanks to St.Paul League MN Voters Equal online Participation. My Ballot | Race Index St. Paul City Council Ward 2 Add to ComparisonChoose Sharon Anderson Retired RealEstate Entreprenuer Bill Hosko Hosko Gallery and Custom Picture Framing Jim Ivey Business Owner / Software Developer Cynthia Schanno aircraft broker / self employed Dave Thune City Councilmember and small businessman St. Paul City Council Ward 2 Add to ComparisonChoose To the Above named: Specifically Ramsey Co. Attorney John Choi Friday, October 21, 2011 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  2. 2. Page 2 of 6former St.Paul City Attorney_______ re: Election Law Criminal Complaints andConstitutional Challenge of MS211B LAWS delegated to "denial due process" Jury Trialsto let the Voting/Taxpaying Publc to be fully informed.? Anderson - Ward 2 - YouTube 31, 2007 - 3 min - Uploaded by StPaulEDemocracy Joyce and Sharon WheelChair Buddys AFFIDAVIT OF SHARON ANDERSON PURSUANT TO PENALITYS OF PERJURY. 2011 Minnesota Statutes COUNT I UCC 336.1 Duress Has the City St.Paul Council Dave Thune et al created heinous "Duress" on the Citizenery by his Council_Chair HRA? Further Illegal "Code Violations" NOT SIGNED BY CITY ATTORNEY 4 PROSECUTION AND WITHOUT LONG FORM COMPLAINTS.? a. Stealing Sharons Car, Drivers License,Trespass on Private Property, Treason to deny State and Federal Laws Constutional Guarantees YES Has the City Attorney Gerald Henderickson exceeded his executiveJurisdiction/Authority to even sit at the Council Table while Hearings are Held, Illegal Ratifications, without "due process" or Long Form Complaints. YES Bills of lading, 336.7-502 Commercial Code, supplementary principles, 336.1-103 Complementary and alternative health care practitioners, 146A.08 Criminal liability, effect on, 609.08 Documents of title, 336.7-502 Fraudulent Negotiable instruments, 336.3-202, 336.3-305 Friday, October 21, 2011 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Voting, obstructing or preventing, 211B.07 Vulnerable adults, financial exploitation, 609.2335, 626.5572 Warehouse receipts, 336.7-502 transfers, 513.50 Recent History 2004 336.1-103 Repealed 2004 c 162 art 1 s 26 2004 336.1-103 New 2004 c 162 art 1 s 3 336.1-103 MS 2002 [Repealed, 2004 c 162 art 1 s 26] 336.1-103 CONSTRUCTION OF UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE TO PROMOTE ITS PURPOSES AND POLICIES; APPLICABILITY OF SUPPLEMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF LAW. (a) The Uniform Commercial Code must be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purposes and policies, which are: (1) to simplify, clarify, and modernize the law governing commercial transactions; (2) to permit the continued expansion of commercial practices through custom, usage, and agreement of the parties; and (3) to make uniform the law among the various jurisdictions. (b) Unless displaced by the particular provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code, the principles of law and equity, including the lawmerchant and the law relative to capacity to contract, principal and agent, estoppel, fraud, misrepresentation, duress, coercion, mistake, bankruptcy, and other validating or invalidating cause supplement its provisions. History: 2004 c 162 art 1 s 3 COUNT II Constutionality MS211B Fair Campaign Act. Minnesota Statutes Chapter 211B is the Minnesota Fair Campaign Practices Act and it applies to candidates for federal, statewide, legislative, judicial or local office including special districts, school districts, townships, home rule cities, charter cities, statutory cities,and counties. It also applies to committees acting to influence the nomination, election, or defeat of a candidate or to promote or defeat a ballot question. The Minnesota Campaign Manual contains Minnesota Statutes Chapter 211B plus other related campaign information.The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) has jurisdiction over Chapter 211B and hears all complaints related to to Chapter 211B. See OAHs Fair Campaign Hearing Process webpage for information about the complaint process and past decisions which may provide guidance. The phone number for OAH is 651-361-7900. Links to selected OAH determinations: Bribery, Treating, and Solicitation- 211B.13 - OAH # 7-6301-16405-CV Bribery, Treating, and Solicitation - 211B.13 - OAH # 12-0320-16056-CV False Campaign Material - OAH # 12-6326-16420-CV False Campaign Material - OAH # 12-6361-17183-CV Corporate Contributions - OAH # 11-6361-17155-CV Disclaimer - OAH # 3-6329-17227-CV Treating Reconsideration - OAH # 3-6302-16119-CV General Election of St. Paul City Council and School Board 625 Friday, October 21, 2011 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  4. 4. Page 4 of 6 Magner v. Gallagher (relisted after the 9/26 and 10/7 Conferences) Docket: 10-1032Issue(s): (1) Whether disparate impact claims are cognizable under the Fair Housing Act; and, if so (2) what test should be used to analyze them. Certiorari stage documents: Opinion below (8th Cir.) Petition for certiorari Brief in opposition Petitioner’s reply Amicus brief of International Municipal Lawyers AssociationName: Louise Seeba " also Assist City Attry" re: SEPARATION OFPOWERS/JURISDICTION/AUTHORITY"Office: School BoardLegal Residential Address: 1399 Sheldon St St Paul MN 55108Campaign Contact Information: www.seebaforschoolboard.orgEmail: Phone: 651-335-4263to be held November 8 general election will be held on Tuesday, November 8. On that day, residents of St.Paul can cast a ballot for the above city and school-district officials. Various differentelections will be open to other residents of Ramsey County. Most questions about the election can be answered by following these links: <Ramsey County Elections> <Minnesota Secretary of State Elections & Voting>Click here: League of Women Voters St. Paul City Council Tuesday, October 18 Our Lady of Guadalupe Social Ward 2 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. 401 Concord Hall Street 401 Concord St Friday, October 21, 2011 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Saint Paul, MN 55107-2499 St. Paul, MN 55107 (651) 228-0506Ami WazlawikForum Coordinator - League of Women Voters St. 270-7986 WARD 2 CANDIDATES: PUBLISHED Ward 2 Name: Sharon Anderson Office: City Council Candidate Residence Address: 1058 Summit Ave / PO Box 4384 St Paul MN 55104 Campaign Contact Information: Phone: 651-776-5835 Website: Email: Name: Dave Thune Office: City Council Candidate Residence Address: 26 Irvine Park St Paul MN 55102 Campaign Contact Information: Phone: 651-227-2511 Website: Email: Name: Jim Ivey Office: City Council Candidate Residence Address: 300 Wall St #708 St Paul MN 55101 Campaign Contact Information: Phone: 651-665-0224 Website: Email: Name: Bill Hosko Office: City Council Candidate Residence Address: 111 Kellogg Blvd St Paul MN 55101 Campaign Contact Information: Phone: 763-656-8624 Website: Email: Name: Cynthia P Schanno Office: City Council Candidate Residence Address: 256 Spring St St Paul MN 55102 Campaign Contact Information: Phone: Website: Email: Friday, October 21, 2011 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  6. 6. Page 6 of 6 THEREFORE: RESIGNATIONS OF DAVE THUNE_CITYATTORNEYS GERALD HENDERICKSON_LOUISE SEEBA FOR CAUSE, AND ORGRAND JURY INVESTIGATIONS INTO MS 609.43LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835:Attorney ProSe_InFact,Private Attorney General QuiTam Whistleblower, www.taxthemax.blogspot.comThe Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C.Ch.119 Sections 2510-2521 et seq., governs distribution of this "Message,"including attachments, may contain the originatorsproprietary information. The originator hereby notifiesrecipients Message review, dissemination, copying, and content-basedactions. Authorized carriers of this messageshall expeditiously deliver this Message to intended recipients. See: Quonv. Arch. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERThis site is for educational purposes only, dedicated to promoting political speech protected by theFirst Amendment. As you can imagine, we receive thousands of stories and requests for input fromconsumers all across the country. Given the sheer volume, we cannot respond to all inquiries. Thissite is dedicated to serving and protecting homeowners and restoring the integrity of our courtsystems. This site is for educational purposes only. The purposes of this website is to shareinformation and knowledge and to advance fundamental Constitutional rights especially the FirstAmendment. Friday, October 21, 2011 AOL: Sharon4Anderson