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Case Fixing by Judge John Vandenorth,False Tax Liens via US Mails without Correct Owners,Mortgage Co,Insurance, based on Denial of HS Exemptions,Disabilitys,ADA,Theft by Swindle,Theft of Sharons 91 Chrysler via Bogus Fees/Assessments without Ticket,Warrants or Appeable Matter,Vandenorth Vilify and render SharonScarrellaAnderson Homeless similar to 1988 Affidavit Prejudice Kathleen Gearin Candidate for Mayor Sharon4Anderson to expose Major Ponzi Tax Scheme by Theft,Trespass,Treason contrary to 42USC3631, reducing the citizenery to poverty, subject to Mortgage Forclosure, John Vandenorth is Guilty of Undue Influence to sway the Election of St.Paul Mayor 15Sept09

Published in: Real Estate, Business, Career
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