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15 Sept09 Ifp Implement ECF


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Sharon Implementing ECF to file Documents online 62cv09-1163 Judge John Vandenorth, changed Court Reporters after the 20Aug09 hearing, Appeal has been filed.

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15 Sept09 Ifp Implement ECF

  1. 1. State of Minnesota District Court County of Ramsey 62cv09-1163Court File Case Type: General Second Judicial District: State of MN,Mark Oswald, lyn Moser et alJohn Doe Mary Roe,individually,severally,official Capacitys, Petitioner SupplementalAffidavit v. For Proceeding 697 Surrey,91Chrysler,Trailer, Decedant JimAnderson,VA Widow Sharon Scarrella Anderson,heirs,assign Mortgage,Insurance,John Doe,MaryRoe In Forma Pauperis . (Minn. Stat. § 563.01) Respondent 3rd party pltfs_Relator_QuiTam STATE OF MINNESOTA ) ) SS COUNTY OF RAMSEY ) (County where Affidavit signed) 1. I am a party in this action and make this request in good faith. 2. (Check one of the following:) { X } An order allowing me to proceed in forma pauperis without paying filing fees, service and publication fees, and copy fees has previously been issued in this case. Or { X} I have completed and attached an “Affidavit for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis.” 3. I am asking for an order directing the payment of the following costs by the state courts: a. { X } Witness/expert witness for: { X } Trial { X } Deposition Name and address of witness:Aaron Foster,Police Impound Lot,Rapid
  2. 2. towing, City Council enbanc,Mayor Chris Coleman, Theft of Car by DSI Joel Essling and Cop Tanya Hunter approx 24thApr07, Trailer 16May07. I expect these witness to provide the following evidence or testimony Bogus Excessive Consumption, “takings” without Just Compensation, Tickets,Warrants, decending to Particulars, forensic evidence I estimate the costs for this witness to be: Subpoena Other $ b. { X } Transcript expenses: Date of hearing, trial or deposition: 20Aug09 I need a copy of this transcript for the following reasons: I estimate the costs of obtaining this transcript to be: Court reporter fees $ Copy fees $ Other; $ c. { X } Other expenses: Affiant Attorney Pro Se $240.00 pr hr To implement ECF Filings with Word and PDF formats These expenses are necessary because: Estimated costs: $ Dated: 15Sept09 /s/ Sharon Scarrella Anderson aka Peterson_Chergosky for Title Search’s Legal Domicile 1058 Summit Ave. / PO Box 4384 St.Paul, MN 55104-0384 ECF_P165913 Pacer Acct. sa1299 tel: 651-776-5835 Fax OUT ONLY. Signature (Sign only in front of notary public or court administrator.) Name: Subscribed and sworn to before me this Address: day of , . City/State/Zip: Telephone: Notary Public Deputy Court Administrator IFP103 State ENG Rev 8/08 { HYPERLINK "" }Page { PAGE } of { NUMPAGES
  3. 3. Sharon4Anderson PO Box 4384 St.Paul,MN 55104-0384 http://sharon4mayor2010.blogsp 651-776-5835 September 15, 2009 To Court Administrator Sheriff CourtHouse 651-266-8278 266-9301 St.Paul, Mn 55102 TO THE ABOVE NAMED: AND ALL OTHERS re: 62cv09-1163 I am writing to effect the word program for IFP in the Court System my skills are to assist the Court Reporters hired by to have professional documents to file online forensic evidence at currently have in your technical writing group. Of Court Reporters. , and focused on getting an the Notice of Appeal to move forward in either Word or PDF format. You can cover your qualifications in more detail during the Appeal. Sincerely, Sharon Anderson Current Candidate Mayor St. Paul