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Slane Cycles Cycling Training Tips


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Slane Cycles Cycling Training Tips

  1. 1. Slane Cycles Cycling Training TipsMake a plan: You do not have to make detailed plans for your cyclingtraining. But, at least at the start of a month, try to be mindful ofwhat you are looking to achieve in that month.In the winter pre-season try and build a good mileage base beforestarting any intense work. www.cervelo.comHowever still be flexible and do not make your plan a must do andthen fall apart when you cannot stick to it. Don’t over train whenfeeling tired. Don’t worry about missing a day. A training diary willhelp you keep an accurate record of your progress and help you tostick to your plan.Train Hard: If you are serious about progressing in the sport ofcycling, you must train hard. Measure your training by duration.Speed can vary enormously depending on weather conditions adtime of the year. On your TT bike in the summer you can be traveling
  2. 2. 5-6 mph faster for the same effort compared to riding in the winteron your hack bike. Focus on time in the saddle not mphGroup cycling sessions: It is good to have some group trainingsessions, especially on longer rides. Riding with a small group ofother riders helps the miles pass more quickly and can help lift yourperformance. At least one or two of your weekly sessions should bewith a group.Variety is the spice: Don’t do the same type of training sessions everyday. Variety helps to keep your training fresh and exciting and isgood for your morale. Mix up long runs, short runs, and groupsessions, off road and cross training.Tapering: To achieve your best performance it is essential to taperfor your target events. This involves decreasing the volume andintensity of your training to keep fresh. But remember just for yourimportant events, you cannot taper for every race otherwise you willnot make much progress.Recovery: The key to progress in cycling training is periods of effortfollowed by complete recovery. After an intensive interval session,have a few days of gentle pace riding, to allow your muscles torecover. Likewise don’t pile on big mileages week after week. 2weeks hard training followed by an easy week can keep youprogressing and prevent overtraining.Intensity: Intense training workouts can make a big difference. Warmup for 5- 20mins and spend some time doing short hard intervals.Even if you do not have much time for training these short intensesessions can help you maintain a good level of fitness.Even training with 2 shard sessions of half an hour and 1 slowerlonger run can help maintain a reasonable fitness level.
  3. 3. Rest and enjoy: After every training session try and put your feet upand have a short nap.We hope you enjoy these cycling tips from Slane Cycles.