Science Review For SOL test


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Science Review For SOL test

  1. 1. Big Board Facts Welcome To
  2. 2. Matter NEXT
  3. 3. Matter NEXT
  4. 4. Animals NEXT
  5. 5. Animals NEXT
  6. 6. Cycles NEXT
  7. 7. Cycles NEXT
  8. 8. Simple Machines NEXT
  9. 9. Simples Machines NEXT
  10. 10. Habitats NEXT
  11. 11. Habitats
  12. 12. 15 20 25 5 10 Simple Machines Matter Animals Cycles Habitats 5 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 15 15 15 15 20 20 20 25 25 25 25 20 Big Board Facts Team One Team Two Team Scores Team Three Team Four Team Five Team Six Big Points Question
  13. 13. Matter Question for 5 Points 13 Which of these is an example of liquid water? A Frost B Ice C Rain D Steam Show Answer
  14. 14. Matter C rain Back to Board
  15. 15. Matter Question for 10 Points Show Answer 16 If water gets into the crack of a rock and then freezes, the rock will MOST likely — F break apart G be able to float H become larger J change colors
  16. 16. Matter F Break apart Back to Board
  17. 17. Matter Show Answer 33 Which of these causes the MOST evaporation of water from a lake? A Freezing of the lake B Heat from the Sun C Melting snow forming streams D Volcanic activity near the lake
  18. 18. B Heat from the sun Matter Back to Board
  19. 19. Matter Show Answer 12 A glass jar broke into pieces when it fell on the floor. What is now different about the glass? F The material in the glass G The color of the glass H The total amount of glass J The shape of the glass
  20. 20. J Shape of the glass Matter Answer for 20 Points Back to Board
  21. 21. Animals Question for 5 Points Show Answer 1 What are adult cardinals able to do that baby cardinals are unableto do? A Fly B Make noise C Breathe air D Sleep
  22. 22. b fly Animals Back to Board
  23. 23. Animals Question for 10 Points Show Answer 23 A dog gets the energy it needs to run from — A the air B the Sun C food D water
  24. 24. C food Animals Back to Board
  25. 25. Animals Question for 15 Points Show Answer 32 Cows are farm animals that eat only plants. Which of these kinds of living things is a cow? F Decomposer G Herbivore H Carnivore J Producer
  26. 26. G Herbivore Topic 2 Back to Board
  27. 27. Animals Show Answer When a tadpole grows, its gills change into lungs. What does itnow need to survive? A Air B Water C Soil D Fins
  28. 28. A air Topic 2 Answer for 20 Points Back to Board
  29. 29. Cycles Show Answer 30 A summer day begins with a clear, sunny sky. Then, dark clouds form in the afternoon. What type of weather will MOST likely happen next? F Sleet and snow G Rain and thunder H Wind and snow J Fog and wind
  30. 30. G rain and thunder Cycles Back to Board