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3.1 Vocabulary Review


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3.1 Vocabulary Review

  1. 1. Social Studies SOL 3.1
  2. 2. Acqueduct Artificial channels for carrying water; the stone arches supported the channels.
  3. 3. Colosseum Large stadium or amphitheater built in Rome in 80 A.D. where gladiator battles and chariot races took place.
  4. 4. Marathon It came from Marathon, Greece when a Greek ran down to Marathon to warn the Greeks about an invasion from Persia.
  5. 5. Mosaics Small pieces of tile or glass set into wet plaster or cement to create a picture
  6. 6. Olympics Included running, broad jump, discuss throw, boxing, wrestling, and throwing the javelin (spear)
  7. 7. Olympic The Olympic games were a religious festival to honor Zeus, leader of the Greek Gods. All trading and fighting stopped during the games, which began about 777 B.C. Games
  8. 8. Parthenon A temple built in 432 B.C. on a high hill in Athens to honor the goddess Athena.
  9. 9. Sculpture A three dimensional figure that can be made out of clay, wood, or stone to represent a person object, or animal.
  10. 10. Resources : Google Images