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Facebook pixel helper ppt

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Facebook pixel helper ppt

  2. 2. Facebook Pixel Helper-Tool Purpose • To verify the facebook Ad’s pixels were found on the page, and whether they have loaded successfully. • It works in the background to review the websites code that looks like a Facebook marketing pixel. • Pixel Helper reports common errors and give troubleshoot suggestion to improve performance.
  3. 3. Installation of Facebook Pixel Helper • Install the Facebook Pixel Helper from the Google Chrome web store. • Ensure the extension is enabled by selecting tools -> Extensions, and verify the Facebook Pixel Helper is enabled. • Once the Pixel Helper is installed a small icon </> will appear next to your address bar.
  4. 4. How to use Facebook Pixel Helper • If a website has a facebook pixel installed the icon </> will turn blue. • A small badge indicating the number of pixels on the page. • If the icon does not turn blue then there are no Facebook pixels installed on this page.
  5. 5. How to use Facebook Pixel Helper cntd.. • Click the </> icon and a popup will appear with useful information for debugging pixel implementation. • The popup will tell what pixels were found on the page
  6. 6. How to use Facebook Pixel Helper cntd.. • Click on “View Event Log” to find the pixel ID, URL called, Pixel location and Load time.
  7. 7. Some common errors • The Facebook Pixel Helper reports common errors. • These indicates that needs to fix something in order to use the pixel product properly. • The below shows the common errors which can be found using this tool: 1. Pixel Did Not Load. 2. Encoded Characters. 3. Resembles a Standard Event. 4. Pixel Activated Multiple Times. 5. Invalid Pixel ID
  8. 8. Some common errors cntd.. 1. Pixel did not load • This error means that similar Facebook pixel code is found on site, but the actual HTTP call was never made.
  9. 9. Some common errors cntd.. 2. Encoded characters • This error means that double-encoded characters are found.
  10. 10. Some common errors cntd.. 3. Resembles a standard event • This warning means that an event similar to a facebook standard event is found.
  11. 11. Some common errors cntd.. 4. Pixel’s activated multiple times • This error means that a pixel with the same ID and event name was sent multiple times to facebook.
  12. 12. Some common errors cntd.. 5. Invalid pixel ID • This error means that the sent ID for the pixel did not match a known pixel ID in our system.
  13. 13. Advantages • Facebook Ad’s pixel’s ID can be found easily. • Error’s with respect to facebook Ad’s pixel on the site can be easily found.
  14. 14. Disadvantages • Troubleshooting suggestions are only with respect to tool version change not for the error’s found on the site.
  15. 15. Thank You